Pocket Elf Girl

6 inches tall
Blonde Hair

The 6-inch Pocket Elf™ is a miniature version of the 10-inch Elf Magic Elf™, without the magic. Unlike the Elf Magic Elf, Santa allows the Pocket Elf to stay at your home throughout the year. What a nice reminder every day of the special relationship that exists between the entire family and the Elf Magic Elf!

  • A removable dress with Velcro closure
  • Her own Pocket-Sized Santa Sack
  • The snowflake embroidered over her heart proves she is Santa's authentic Pocket Elf
  • Santa has not named her - so you get to choose the perfect name for this adorable little friend!

Keep your Pocket Elf warm and cozy at night with the Nighty Nite Gown.

NOTE: The Pocket Elf arrives from the North Pole but does NOT bring North Pole Snowflakes or a letter to the child and parents.

Travel Ticket $17.00

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Pocket Elf Girl (6-inch, blonde hair)
  • Pocket Elf Girl (6-inch, blonde hair)
  • santa sack

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