Magical Reindeer

Magical Reindeer are babies that have not yet learned how to fly. At the North Pole, it is the job of Elf Magic Elves™ to care for them, but in your home they will depend on you to give them a name and take care of them. Magical Reindeer are always very cheerful, have a lot of energy, play during the day, and love to eat nuts and berries. Remember though - Santa picks up the Magical Reindeer on Christmas Eve because Reindeer School for flight training starts the day after Christmas.

  • Each Reindeer is so young that it still has a coat of soft baby fur.
  • Wears a removable warm "sunburst" fabric blanket decorated with red stitching and two of Santa's special embroidered snowflakes.
  • Comes with a beautifully illustrated tag containing the Magical Reindeer story and spots for the Reindeer's name and your Elf Magic Elf's name.
  • Our dear friend measures 9-inches from antler to hoof and 7-inches from nose to tail.

Be sure to checkout the latest in Reindeer accessories, the Reindeer Roundup blanket & halter set (SOLD SEPARATELY).

Travel Ticket  $18.00

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Magical Reindeer
  • Magical Reindeer
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