Elf Magic Party Ideas

Listen closely with your Elf ears……the trumpets are sounding and the Elf band is playing, announcing the “The Day of the Elf”, December 1st! This very special day is set aside to celebrate all of our Elf Magic Elf© friends! Santa and Mrs. Claus enjoy celebrating and showing their appreciation for their dear friends, the Elves, by planning all year for this special day. Games, contest, food and fun are all a part of the day with an “elftastic” Elf party at sundown. Mrs. Claus has shared many of the great ideas from over the years below. Since many of the Elves are far away from the North Pole, she hopes you plan an Elf party or celebrate your Elf Magic Elf in your own “elftastic” way. Stay tuned for games, contest, food and fun ideas from Mrs. Claus. Send out those invitations faster than the North Pole Express!

Elf Party Invitations

Download one of our blank party invitations. These can be used to print your own invitations.

Elf Party Decorations

Start gathering all of your Christmas decorations now and look for inspiration with the ideas below.

  • Send out invitations to an Elf Party via mail, email, or hand deliver in an Elf costume!
  • Elf decorations or Elf Party favors can be found on orientaltrading.com. In the search box type “Elf”.
  • Decorate Elf ears (orientaltrading.com). In the search box type “Elf Party”.
  • Use the Elf Magic Music CD to play musical chairs.
  • Children can decorate an Elf size stocking (from Amazon) for their Elf. It will look great hanging next to theirs.
  • Use the Elf Magic magnets, shopping bags, magic washcloths, and playing cards as a giveaway for winners of contests or games.
  • The Elf Magic Elves love fake snow for inside the house and if you are lucky enough to have snow outside make snowballs and freeze them!
  • Coloring Sheets can be downloaded from the Elf Magic blog. They look great colored, cut out, and glued on construction paper for place mats.
  • Make your “Elf Magic family” by downloading the paper doll Elves on our blog.

Elf Party Festive Food Ideas

  • It is a great treat to decorate elf shaped sugar cookies or holiday shaped sugar cookies then enjoy eating them.
  • Cupcakes are big these days!  Bake cupcakes and let your guest frost and decorate them. They can use Elf Candy found at orientaltrading.com. Sprinkles, red & green icing, mini candy canes, mini chocolate chips and red/green M&M’s are just some of the toppings that can be used for decorating.
  • “Magically” transform normal sized food to Elf sized food: miniature cupcakes, mini ritz-bitz, mini Oreos, mini pretzels, mini carrots, tiny chocolate chips (they look like Hershey kisses- Elf Kisses) and mini baking M & M’s, small marshmallows and hot cocoa. Cold chocolate milk served in smallDixiecups with mini marshmallows this is what they like better because it is so cold at the North Pole that hot chocolate gets colds in just a few seconds!!!
  • Mini pillow shaped red/white peppermint and green/white spearmint candies found during Christmas can be served as Elf Pillows!

Elf Party Game and Contest Ideas

  • Elf Magic Movie Night – the Elf MagicDVDcan be shown on a TV & popcorn that Jingle and Jangle popped, of course, can be served.
  • Candy Cane spoons can be found at orientaltrading.com, to be used for playing “Candy Canes” the Elf Magic version of Spoons found in the deck of Pick an Elf Playing cards!
  • Read the Elf Magic Story and other Christmas stories.
  • Write your “Dear Santa” letters! They can be downloaded under the Elf Magic blog. If you don’t have a printer you can decorate one yourself.
  • You can write a “wish list” to Santa on the “Dear Santa Letter”. They can be downloaded under the Elf Magic blog. If you don’t have a printer you can hire a balloon artist to make Elf hats and Christmas themed balloons.
  • Download and print out copies of the Elf Magic Coloring Sheets.
  • Children that come to your Elf Party dressed as their Elf Magic Elf can participate in an Elf costume contest or Elf parade.
  • Supply your guests with green & red crepe paper, aluminum foil and masking tape. Pick a parent or another child to be transformed into a decorated Christmas tree.

PLEASE send in any ideas or Photos to info@elf-magic.com. We would like to share with all of our Elf Magic families. Let’s make this the most “elfstastic” “Day of the Elf” yet!