Here are many Elfcapades™ that Santa has heard about. The Elves have both created mischief and done good deeds all over the world. Santa loves hearing about his Elves' Adventures while they are away from the North Pole, and especially loves seeing photos of their nightly adventures. Be sure and Report your Elf Sightings to him today! This way Santa's "Elf Magic" office can share them with everyone!!!

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In addition to all the Elfcapades listed below, there have been many more documented by bloggers here.

  • My Elf Henry loves to dance and sing. I know he does because we came home from school one day and he had set up a bunch of our chairs in a circle with a doll or stuffed animal in each chair. The CD player was playing the Elf Magic music CD really loud. They were playing musical chairs and having their own Elf Party. I'm sorry that I missed the party. - Clifton, New Jersey

  • We found a note on the kitchen table this morning at breakfast that said, "We are so happy to be here for the holidays and Rudolph sends his love! P.S. Go look in the mirror!" We ran to the bathroom and my and both my brother's noses had been painted red! We looked like Rudolph! Those crazy Elves! - Chandler, Arizona

  • My Elf doesn't like "HOT" chocolate. He likes "COLD" chocolate milk served in small Dixie cups with mini marshmallows. He wrote me a note and said he likes cold better than hot because it is sooooooo cold at the North Pole the hot chocolate doesn't stay hot and it burns his tongue. I'm so glad he likes chocolate milk because it is my favorite too. - Ada, Michigan

  • One morning I woke up to find my Elf, Maggie, in bed with me. She was sound asleep in her Cozy Clause Quilt with several unwrapped peppermints as her pillows. Now, instead of calling them peppermints, I'm going to call them "Elf pillows". - Delray Beach, Florida

  • Elf Gretchen and my best friend's Elf Hattie brought us Elf Playing Cards from the North Pole. How did they know that we love to play card games? We had several of our other friends over and we played "Candy Canes" which is just like "Spoons". My mom found candy cane spoons on a website, www.orientaltrading.com, that we played with. We also played "Pick an Elf", which is just like "Go Fish". - Miami, Florida

  • The Elves that visit us every year haven't come yet for Christmas ..... but I know they snuck a visit because I followed a trail of "Hershey" kisses through my house that were big and small. The trail ended with a note saying, "We are sending you Elf and Reindeer kisses from the North Pole, See you soon !! Love, Elf Joey and Elf Zack." - Cedar Falls, Iowa

  • Last year, my Elf Jacob had a picnic with all of my stuffed animals and he had them playing games too. Elf Jacob and my Buzz Light Year doll were having a sack race. They used my houseshoes for their sacks and had a start and finish rope. As far as I can tell Elf Jacob won! - Hillsdale, New Jersey

  • "You are invited to a North Pole Breakfast! Love Elf Nikki." My mom found this invitation in our mailbox and it was from my Elf Nikki. I knew she was going to come visit soon because I had written my letter to Santa and left out crackers and water. When we read the invitation, Elf Nikki said she was going to host a breakfast for me at my own house and gave us the date! I started marking off the days on my calendar and when I woke up on November 25th you could not believe your eyes. My Elf Nikki had arrived and made us a huge North Pole breakfast. Snow covered (powdered) donuts, chocolate milk with puffs of snow (marshmallows) and Elf size muffins were served. Elf Nikki was in the center of the table with her SnowCase and a note to my family. "I'm Back! Let the fun begin!, Love Elf Nikki" - The Woodlands, Texas

  • This year my Elf came to visit on my birthday and for my present he brought a small bag of "Magic" peppermints with planting instructions. We followed the directions and put five peppermints in a pot with North Pole dirt (it looks just like snow), covered them up with dirt, sprinkled them with North Pole snowflakes and covered them with ice cubes from our freezer. We then put it in the closet (someplace dark) for 17 1/2 hours and if you opened the door it would not work. I couldn't believe it when we opened the door to the closet...... the peppermints had grown into big swirly candy canes. They were magical! This was my best birthday present ever. - Whitehouse, Tennessee

  •  Oscar, my Elf, sometimes tries to be helpful and is always a good friend. I found him being helpful in our kitchen. He was making "Reindeer Food" for Santa's reindeer. A recipe written in Mrs. Clause's handwriting was next to a bunch of my mom's spices and several bowls full of flour. Oscar had written a note saying "Do not Eat, for reindeers Only!". I can't wait to sprinkle outside my house on Christmas Eve. Since Randolph was nice and helpful I will be too and share Mrs. Clause's recipe! Mix the following ingredients together: 1/4 cup oatmeal, 1/4 cup of sugar, red and green sugar crystals. On Christmas Eve spread the mixture on the lawn and say these words aloud, "I AM SPRINKLING THE FOOD ON THE LAWN THIS NIGHT, THE MOON WILL MAKE IT SPARKLE BRIGHT!, AS SANTA'S REINDEER FLY AND ROAM, THIS WILL GUIDE THEM TO MY HOME!" I didn't mind cleaning up Randolph's mess. - Hilliard, Ohio

  •  My Elves, Kate and Bernard, "magically" transformed our "normal" size food to "Elf" size food: miniature cupcakes, mini Ritz-Bitz, mini Oreos, mini pretzels, mini carrots, tiny Hershey kisses (they looked like chocolate chips), mini M & M's, small marshmallows. We had such a feast after we came home from school. - Mobile, Alabama

  • The funniest Elfcapade my Elf played on my family was.....he took Crayola window markers and drew funny faces on all of our family pictures in our house, even the ones hanging on the walls. My mom made me go all over the house straightening and cleaning the pictures. I didn't mind cause it was a really "cool" Elfcapade. - Elburn, Illinois

  • Mom and Dad were "Naughty" and ate a bunch of my Christmas candy my memaw had sent and that night my Elf Sarah wrote "Naughty" on their foreheads while they were sleeping! The bad part is they used permanent markers and we had to go to church that morning! - Lincoln, Nebraska

  •  Several of my son's friends came over for a sleepover. They had Nerf gun wars all night. The next morning they awoke to a wall full of Christmas shaped Nerf darts. The Elves has used all of the darts (and there were so many) to make a star, a candy cane, and a huge Christmas tree. They even placed a yellow construction paper star on top. All of the boys loved it and didn't want to take their darts home because it would ruin the "Elf Dart Art". - Shreveport, Louisiana

  • There is a website, http://emailsanta.com/jokes_elf.htm, that my Elf Ginger gets on all the time. She told me one time that she is one of the North Pole comedians. She is always writing funny jokes down on scraps of paper and putting them in my shoes, my coat pockets, my lunch box, my books, my closet, under couch cushions, even in the bathtub. Some of the jokes are really funny. My favorite one, "What kind of money do Elves use?" JINGEL BILLS. - Columbia, South Carolina

  • In my house my mom writes the menu for the week on a big dry erase board, it also has a space for our family calendar. The Elf took the eraser and dry erase markers and changed everything on my mom's board. On the menu he put his favorite meals: pancake with syrup, chocolate milk with marshmallows, powdered sugar donuts, mini Oreos, crackers, candy cane flavored ice cream, cheerios and wings. On the calendar, he changed all of our activities to time spent with him: read to your Elf, watch a movie with your Elf, do the dishes with your Elf, clean your room with your Elf, play outside with your Elf and snuggle with your Elf. We wanted him to feel at home so my mom said we had to be good host and do it all! - Long Grove, Illinois

  • A big present had been under the tree for a couple of days and we had all been trying to guess what it could be. Well.... we soon found out because my Elf Stewart and my sister's Elf Crissy opened it. My mom was so mad! It was a huge bucket of dominoes. Not only did they open the present they played with it too. They created a huge Christmas tree and then toppled the dominoes over. We're glad they opened the present! - Greenville, South Carolina

  • Last year all of my friend's elves came to pick my friends and I up from school in a limousine. All of our elves were already in the limo and they had a scavenger hunt planned for us. We went to a nursing home and sang Christmas carols, then to the mall to have a group photo made with Santa and then to a local restaurant to make and decorate cookies!! It was AWESOME! - Alabama

  • The linen closet was totally empty and our Elves had created a winter wonderland in our den. Elf Candy, Elf Ivy and Elf Collin had covered all of the furniture, tables and floor with white sheets, white towels, white pillowcases and white blankets. Even though it was not as soft as the real stuff it looked so awesome! We got on elf-magic.com and downloaded the skiis and snowboard. They used them to ski and snowboard down the couch. - Ashburn, Virginia

  •  Where does my Elf go at night to play? My swing set! Elf Daniel took a bunch of my dad's outdoor lights, decorated my swing set and lit up the night. He left me a note and it said, "I wish you could stay up late too, then I could play all night with you!" - Soddy Daisy, Tennessee

  • Well, we just got our Elves about two days ago and it has been so crazy and magical. My mom and I were at my sister's Christmas band concert on Thursday night. My sister could not find Elf Dana before we left. She looked everywhere and was very upset because she had been practicing all week and Elf Dana had been listening. My mom made us leave so we wouldn't be late. My sister had a big frown on her face the whole way to school. My sister sat in her seat put her music on the stand and opened her guitar case and there was Elf Becky in the case holding her guitar picks. She smiled really big and so did Becky!!
  • Our family is going snow skiing over Christmas break and we sent a letter to Santa asking if the Elves could come with us. They got so excited that they made their own skis, poles and a ski run. The skis were my mom's nail files, the poles were drinking straws and the ski run was our stair case with pillows. You can tell they are really good skiers and get a lot of practice at the North Pole. /li>
  • I think marshmallows remind my Elf Deidre of her home far away, the North Pole. She loves marshmallows and is always throwing them all over our house. I have found her in the tub full of marshmallows. I found her in the kitchen sink with "pink" marshmallows. She even filled one of my mom's suitcases and her SnowCase up with marshmallows. We think she is going to try and take them back with her to the North Pole when she leaves on Christmas Eve.
  • Last night the whole family got in the car and drove around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights. Elf Ginger and Elf Seline were glued to the windows. The next morning we woke up to Christmas lights strung all over the kitchen, den and our rooms. I guess they thought we needed more lights.
  • It has been snowing at my house for days and my Elf Fredrick and I had a big snowball battle with my best friend and his Elf. We were so hungry when we came in the house my mom made us some muffins. The next morning we found Fredrick sitting by the stove with an oven mit on his hand and the oven was on low. When my mom opened the oven to look inside we saw a muffin tin and each hole was filled with water. We think he was trying to make "snowball muffins". I'm pretty sure that my mom's muffins tasted better.
  • Our Elf Magic Elves like to be helpful and they do some of our chores for us. Sometimes they get a little confused and end up making a bigger mess! Elf Chase and Elf Maggie made my bed one day. At my bedtime that night, I tried to crawl in my bed and they had "short sheeted" my bed. I couldn't get under the covers and they were hiding under my pillows laughing!!
  • There are a lot of kids in my family so my mom has a lot of laundry to do. We try to help her and put our clean laundry away after she has folded it. One Saturday morning, we woke up and realized the Elves had put our clothes away for us. One problem, they had put everything in the wrong drawers and in the wrong rooms. I put on my brother's underwear! My mom made us switch everything back.
  • I think my Elf Karla is an artist Elf. She loves to draw, color and paint. Every morning I wake up and she has drawn me a picture. I think she got bored with drawing on paper and decided to take dry-erase markers and drew faces on all of our framed family pictures. She also drew a snowman on our kitchen window. She drew a mustache on my mom!!1
    One thing I really like about my Elf Magic Elf is that I can love and hug her. I know she likes my hugs because she hung mistletoe in my doorway then scattered Hershey kisses and Hugs all over the floor.
  • My mom is always trying to teach my brother and I to share with others. Elf Sadie and Elf Martin bakes cookies one night and left a letter telling us to take the cookies to school and share them with our class. Elf Sadie and Elf Martin have definitely been listening to my mom.
  • One morning I couldn't find my elf anywhere! I looked and looked and I still couldn't find her. I was so worried but I knew she was hiding and had been up to something. When I got home from school, I noticed several elf shoe prints on the kitchen countertop made out of flour. The next morning I found her on our stove with little peppermint cookies. She had written me a note saying, " I hope you like my cookies the ingredients came straight from Mrs. Claus' kitchen!", Love Elf Shelby. I took the cookies and my note to school and shared them with my class. I know Elf Shelby was so happy I shared them with friends.
  • Elf Freddie is always trying to find the best hiding spot. This time we almost never found him. The whole family looked in all the bedrooms, the bathrooms, the pool house, the den and the sun room. My little sister finally found him in our home theatre watching "The Santa Claus" movie. Stacked on either side of him was probably every Christmas movie ever made! I hope he doesn't mind me borrowing a few to watch? - Moulton, AL.
  • My dad has a shoe polish kit that he uses to clean his shoes and make them shine. Somehow Dusty, my Elf, got way up in my dad's closet and found it. He shined several pairs of dad's shoes and wrote in shoe polish on the bathroom mirror "Sorry for the mess, but your shoes were really dirty!" My dad was very happy. Thanks Dusty! -Miramar, FL.
  • One Saturday morning, I went downstairs to find my older brother asleep on the couch. My Elf, Sadie, had gotten into my mom's nail polish basket and painted candy canes on my brother's toe nails. The best part is that I got to wake him up and show him what Sadie had done. I'm still laughing!
  • ElfcapadeElf Stephanie, loves to pretend she is a princess. She made a pink crown with sequins, put on her Snowflake Princess Dress and a pink robe with fur to wear. She took her pretending a little too far...one morning I woke up and my whole room was covered in toilet paper. She wrote me a sweet note saying, "Don't you love our Snow Castle!!!" Love, Princess Elf Stephanie -Bardstown, KY.
  • My grandmother always worries when we come to visit with our Elf Magic Elves for Christmas vacation. The Elves love my grandmother and she loves them but she is very picky about keeping her house nice and tidy. As you know, the Elves are not tidy and are always borrowing her peppermint lip cream, climbing in her kitchen cabinets and leaving them open, polishing her silver and leaving a big mess and eating all of her Oreos. We hope we are invited back next Christmas.
  • My favorite Elfcapade (believe me it is hard to choose) would have to be when our Elves, Alex and Shane, dressed up my children while they were asleep. They put underwear, socks, hairbows and even a wig on their heads. Then the elves borrowed my camera to document the night. The kids keep a nightly journal during the Elve's visit and were so excited to find the pictures in their journal the next morning. My boys have kept an Elf Magic journal for years containing all of the questions they have asked the Elves, the Elve's responses and the many adventures. It is fun to see how their handwriting has changed over the years.
  • Laura is a sweet Elf, but always seems to make a mess, no matter what she's doing. She is 652 years old and is in charge of all the incoming letters to Santa at the North Pole. Each and every day is unique. Last year, my daughter was having trouble with her math, and Laura left her a coupon that, if she gave it to daddy, he would give her his complete time and attention to help her with her math. The coupon would put a "spell" on daddy, and for some reason, he had this crazy urge to do fractions early the next morning. It was wonderful to have that quiet time that Elf Laura fostered. Elf Laura also gives the children life lessons and reminders each day about why we celebrate Christmas. She types them a message and prints it out each night, so in the morning, they have a note from her. Now, as sweet as Elf Laura is, she's also done some things that have gotten her into trouble...
  • My Elf, Sloan, has an excellent throwing arm. She has taken on Barbie, several Webkins and all of her other friends single-handedly in snowball fights (Cotton Balls) and won !!!!
  • We love our Elf Jamie and find that she brings not only enjoyment to our lives, but brings us closer as a family too. On her first night with us she made paper snowflakes and hung them from the lights over our breakfast bar and had a special breakfast of pancakes with bananas, nuts and whipped cream. Mrs. Claus would be very proud of her!!
  • We love to write to Santa each year around Thanksgiving and ask him to send the elves back to Birmingham, Al.! The kids have also been known to write or "email" Santa at various times of the year. The elves have even popped in for occasional trips to the beach during the summer and never miss their birthdays. Our kids look forward to seeing their elves soon!
  • One time me, my sister, and my mom went to the mall and we didn't take our elf, Madeline. We went to eat in the food court and left our stuff on the table. When we came back, there was Madeline sitting at the table with a cookie on her lap!!! We should have known she wasn't going to miss out on Christmas shopping.
  • Brandy, our elf, comes each year in a different way. Whether she shows up swinging on the Christmas tree, peaking out of the closet or is found eating all our cookies, she always makes an entrance. This year was a such a surprise! We woke up to find a trail of snowflakes throughout the house, and we knew right from that moment, that Brandy had returned. The trail led to the front door, and outside into the yard. There was ribbon hanging from behind a bush, all the way up the side of the house, onto the roof! The ribbon was tied around the chimney with Brandy and a new friend attached! She brought her baby reindeer with her. We were all so excited to find Brandy a little early this year along with the new reindeer. It was such an experience having to go up on the ladder to fetch Brandy and her reindeer.
  • My daughter, Shelby, who is autistic, received her first elf visit three years ago with one elf whom was named "Ribbon." Ribbon went everywhere with us through out the holiday season. We had so much fun that Christmas and I know Ribbon knew how happy she made my daughter that the next year she brought another elf friend, Evan. This year Ribbon and Evan traveled to the house by reindeer and used the pumpkins out front to climb up to the front door. Everyone in the house is so excited that our friends are back for the season.
  • Elf Magic keeps the magic of Christmas alive in our home through out the holiday season. We not only have the timeless tradition of the elves we also have the tradition of finding the perfect tree to cut down. We found the most magical tree at our local tree farm, brought it back to our living room where it was set up, my boys, ages 9 and 10, cut off the rope holding the tree together, and wouldn’t you know it. In the magical tree, out popped Jack and Tyndale. These 2 crazy elves have joined our family every year for the past 3 years to help make Christmas magical. What would we do without them?
  • The other day I took my elf to school and my friend took his reindeer and elf too. We were in language which is across the hall from our home room. We were going to leave them in the classroom while we went to lunch. We left them a note saying it would be okay for them to hide because we were trying to prove to a boy in my class that the elves were real. We left for lunch and when we came back the note was torn into little bitty pieces and the elves and reindeer were no where to be found. The teacher even made the entire class look for them. Our home room teacher came across the hall and told us to go look in his room. We walked across the hall thinking they had done something bad. When we got in the classroom the elves and reindeer had flipped my desk and her desk over, got our jackets and had made a tent. When we saw it we died laughing. We flipped the desk back over and promised to never put snowflakes on them again, at school.
  • Last year we were heading to our family Christmas celebration with my side of the family. The trip is about an hour away from our home. My kids asked if they could take their elves and I said no because they might leave them there or lose them. When we got to my brother's house and were sitting around and visiting with everyone, the doorbell rang. My brother answered the door and there was a Fed Ex delivery man with a package. My brother signed for it and brought it in the house. The package was addressed to my kids. They looked confused and maybe even a little scared. However, they opened the package. To my surprise and their delight, inside were their elves. Somehow they had managed to get themselves "shipped" to the family Christmas. The note inside said that they really wanted to meet the rest of the family and didn't want to miss out on the fun! They promised to behave. The kids and their elves all had a great time at my brother's house and we thank FedEx for getting them there safely!!
  • My birthday is around Christmas and on my "day" my elf, Maureen, was down stairs in the kitchen on top of a ginger bread tree cake for me! It had swirly colorful candles and she also made me a card! I loved having my elf help me celebrate my birthday.
  • My daughter, wrote her elf Julie a letter. She stated that she had some questions, (1) What is it like at the North Pole?, (2) Do you make one particular kind of toy?, (3) How old are you ?, (4) At the North Pole, who is your best friend?, (5) What are your after school activities?, (6) Do you get married at the North Pole?, and (7) What is your favorite Bible verse? Your Friend, Margaret.
  • My daughter's elf, Emmaline, has grown particularly adventuresome this year. Two nights ago, she must have been bored because she used some of our yarn, a paper clip, and a basket to build a zip-line that ran all the way from one part of the house to the other! When my daughter found Emmaline zipping across the living room, she was so excited that she helped Emmaline build two more zip-lines in other parts of the house!
  • We were enjoying a traditional Christmas Eve with family. A story was being read to all the children about Baby Jesus being born. Each child was asked to add a statue or an animal to the manger. Our elf, Dixon, watched and sat very nicely. He was very well behaved and enjoyed the story. Later that evening when we came home, we found our elf Dixon in the manager with Baby Jesus. We think that he enjoyed the story so much that he wanted to be a part of it. He's our little Christmas miracle because our family has enjoyed him so much!
  • You won't believe what happened last night! Abigail, Gabby, and Francie, moved the couch with my Dad asleep on it. My Dad did not even wake up! They moved the sofa so that they could watch T.V. better. They had a big bag of popcorn and the remote.
  • My Nana is sleeping over for Christmas, and she heard strange noises like clicking. When got up the next morning, we were thrilled to discover that our elves got under our big red blanket and had the remote. That is what nana heard clicking! The funniest part was... they forgot to turn off the T.V.!
  • My kids and I were walking down to our basement to watch a movie when we heard a thud upstairs. The kids raced up the steps and discovered a Christmas tree lying on the floor in our living room!! The elves were sitting at the end, apparently trying to lift it into our living room where we usually place the tree. The kids were delighted to find that their elves had brought a tree, since my husband and I had been putting it off for days.
  • Our elves, Cissy and Bennett decided they really missed the snow at the North Pole. One of them seemed to think that it would be okay if they made their own snow...they were wrong! Luckily, this all happened on our kitchen table so it wasn't a huge mess to clean up. Our elves decided to spread tinfoil out on the table. Then, they put TONS of flour all over the tinfoil. They made "elf angels" and "elf snowmen." The kids came down for breakfast and our daughter, Faith, nearly screamed. It was SOOO cute to see their little jaws drop at their flour-covered elves. Unfortunately, it was very hard to get the flour off of the elves. We tried brushing it off and even tried to vacuum it off. Nothing worked. So, we are going to try the washer machine tonight and see if a little soap and water will do the trick.
  • Louies’ elves come every year right around Thanksgiving. He marks it on his calendar. This year the elves arrived on a sweet little reindeer. Louie leaves a note for Santa every Christmas Eve asking for the elves to stay until New Year’s Eve.
  • My daughter’s elf, Sabrina, left a note saying our cats were naughty and ate all of her crackers that Christian had left out. So, Sabrina put the cats in our dog’s crate. The dog and the cats were not happy to say the least. Sabrina is something else. Huntsville, AL
  • Phoebe, our elf, decided to share bible verses from Luke: 2 (the angel announcing the birth of Jesus) with some of my daughter's stuffed animals. She had positioned herself on a chair with the bible lying on her lap. The stuffed animals were intently listening! My daughter woke me up that morning at 7a.m., not excited about the rare snow event that had happened, but that her elf "made her heart grow" by sharing Luke 2! Pendleton, IN.
  • Our elves have been abandoning the pursuit of mischief and attempting to be helpful. They must miss the labor and activity of the North Pole workshop, or something. They have tried to help wrap packages, sweep the kitchen floor and two nights ago they started to unload the dishwasher for me. What helpful little elves. I have told the children the elves have been helpful to inspire them to also help around the house. Thank You Elves!!
  • Aaron "toilet papering" our tree last year, then hid in the tree to stay out of trouble. We finally found him, and he was very sorry for the mess, but he had so much fun "decorating" the tree.
  • Our first experience with an elf happened three years ago in southern Alberta. Elvin absolutely delighted our three children even more than Santa himself! The kids could not wait to see what trouble he would get into! He TP'd the kitchen, rearranged everything from cupboards to furniture, and often left surprises of the edible kind.
  • Louie, my son, writes the elves a note to do special things at night. The latest was a sweet little note he wrote to the elves asking them to make coffee for me (his mom) so it would be ready for me when I woke up. He knows how much I love my coffee and now the elf knows too.
  • Last year my son accidentally spilled his magic dust in my husbands car. To our surprise, the next morning the car was the size of a micro-machine (hot wheels car ) The look on our faces, especially my husband, was priceless! We laughed and laughed and I must say this is one of our favorite Christmas memories! Luckily the car was back to normal size the next morning!
  • My son, Matthew, had to have surgery on his hand the day after Thanksgiving, and to our surprise... Lanny and Roudy, our elf and reindeer, were buckled up in the seat next to him when he got into the car to go the hospital. Thank you Santa for giving us such a good friend.
  • A few days before my daughter's 9th birthday we received a very odd phone message. A local jewelry store called to tell us that a package for my daughter had been delivered to their store. What could it possibly be? We were so curious that we drove to the jewelry store right away. Sure enough, when we arrived at the jewelry store there was a gift bag waiting for my daughter. When she opened it, we were shocked! Inside was her Christmas Elf, Cassandra. Right away we noticed that Cassandra's ears had been pierced. There was a note pinned to Cassandra that read "Do you like my new earrings? Now it is your turn!" Sweet Cassandra had arranged for Carly to have her ears pierced for her birthday! Now both Carly and Cassandra have sparkly ears to match their sparkly personalities!
  • Every year our family spends Christmas Eve, the last night the elves are with us, having a celebration. We do fireworks, take them around our neighborhood caroling. We spend quality time with our elves and say goodbye to them. We are always sad but know that they will be back next year and we have our pocket elves to keep us company. The elves are so much fun to have in the house!
  • The day after Thanksgiving, we woke up to find "WE"RE BACK! CAN YOU FIND US?" written on our bathroom mirror and four pieces of paper on our counter. Each piece of paper had a clue for each of us, and told us where to go next. Each clue led to another clue. Finally, one of the clues led us to our elves. They were on the second level of our house in different hiding places. How did they know we love to play "Elf-Hunt"?
  • Our elf, Ann Marie, dressed our new puppy to look like santa! How did she do this?
  • One night Gracie, our elf, had gotten into the fruit loops and had made a green and red fruit loop necklace! She had ran out of the traditional Christmas colors and had to use other colors like purple and orange! WHAT A BLAST! Thank You so much Elf Magic for making our Christmas 100 times happier!
  • On the night of our town Christmas parade, Santa magically placed an elf in our van as he passed by on the fire engine. When we all returned to the car to leave, there on the seat along with cracker crumbs and water was our new elf friend, little Gibby.
  • Our elves are very "crafty" and love to do projects when they come visit us. One night they found a web site, artistshelpingchildren.org, and printed out several of the ideas. The elves, Barr and Chessy, saw the ideas and made the kids "elf ornaments" to place on their trees. - Darien, CT
  • What a mess! Our elves, Zach and Grace love to build forts during the night. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we walked into the kitchen and every food can from the pantry was stacked into a huge, gigantic "fort". The elves were inside asleep. My mom was so upset. She made me clean up the cans and it wasn’t easy. Some of those cans were heavy! - Manassas, VA
  • We love our elves!!! They can be so crazy! We got out of bed this morning and saw dog treats all over our den. The whole box had been emptied and many of them had been eaten. Several of our kitchen chairs were turned over on their sides and in a straight line. My little brother finally figured out what the elves were up to. They were trying to train our dogs how to fly!!! I guess they miss the reindeer so much they wanted to turn our dogs into reindeer. - Burnsville, MN
  • On my honor I will do my best. The elves had another idea. We had to go on my Cub Scout campout this weekend and my mom wouldn’t let me take my elf and reindeer. She said Santa would be upset with me if they got lost in the woods. I think they were sad and missed me because when we got home Elf Annie, Elf Bryan and Elf Webb were sitting around a candle (unlit) with marshmallows on the end of toothpicks. They were having their own campfire, but without the fire!!! - Hanover, VA
  • Goodness gracious those elves made a mess! Our elves, Carson and Virginia cut snowflakes out of paper and hung them from the ceiling. My mom said they must really miss the snow. I think she is right, because we live in Florida and it never snows. What a mess! - Irwin, PA
  • Sometimes the elves are "helpers" and sometimes they are "messer-uppers". My elf, Bobby, tried to be a helper. Bobby tried to help Mom and Dad wrap presents but ended up wrapping himself. He had tape all over him. Oops! - Carrollton, OH
  • Our family, the "Durhams", love to work on puzzles during the year. We put together a huge puzzle last Christmas when Elf Kelly came to visit. This Christmas she surprised the family when she brought a puzzle with her from the North Pole and started putting it together while the kids slept. She is such a sweet elf and smart too! - Atlanta, GA
  • We have two elves, Connor and Jake that are very good at making things out of play dough. This year the boys woke up to a giant snowman made from white play dough with glitter. Where in the world did they get the play dough? They must have brought it with them from the North Pole. - Bangor, ME
  • The obstacle course and zip line are the most outrageous "elfcapades" our elf has ever done!! We have Noelle that comes to visit and her reindeer, Bubba. Noelle and Bubba put together an obstacle course in our dining room with a zip line hanging from one end of a dining room chair to another. I think Noelle decided to train Bubba herself. We named the obstacle course, "Elf Noelle’s Flight Training School for Reindeer"! - Wichita, KS
  • We found Channey, our precious girl elf, today in my daughter’s dance bag with a small tutu on and a note that said she loved to dance. Her favorite is the Nutcracker! At the North Pole, she helps make dolls that dance and she wanted to know if she could go to dance with my daughter every week! You should have seen the delight in my daughter’s eyes! I wish I had had a camera! Thank you Elf-Magic! - Leeds, AL
  • Our elves showed up this year with white play dough and they made the cutest snowman! Our children were so excited! The snowmen were precious! The elves got into our gingerbread house decorating candy to decorate the snowman…They used toothpicks, for the arms and the scarf was made out of a red Christmas napkin. He was so cute but there was a huge mess left on the counter with the candy and toothpicks!!! Kennesaw, GA
  • Today we woke up to find every plant in our house decorated with tinsel for Christmas! We know the elves did it because we found them asleep on top of a pile of tinsel! It was so pretty, a North Pole winter wonderland! - Macomb, MI
  • We found our elves on the kitchen table sitting with tiny marshmallows on toothpicks and tiny crackers and Hershey bars open where they had made smores! They used a kitchen candle for fire because they were sitting around the candle with the wooden kabob sticks over the candle. The marshmallows were actually roasted. They were very careful little elves and didn’t catch the house on fire! - Auburn, AL
  • We looked and looked everywhere for our elves today and finally found them by our pool. They were asleep on the cutest Christmas washcloths. They left a note saying they wanted to catch some moon rays and go for a late night swim. The cold water didn’t bother them at all because they are so used to the cold! The "Polar Plunge" is one of their favorite events at the "Reindeer Games" that are held at the North Pole right after Christmas!!! The washcloths they brought with them were the cutest!! Wet the small little package and a wash cloth "Magically" Explodes. - Charlotte, NC
  • This was my son’s first year in school and he was so nervous. I tried to console and encourage him but nothing seemed to calm the fears. Low and behold, we wake up for our first day of school and there is our Elf Magic elf in Charlie’s book bag. He had written a note telling him he would be with him all day and not to be nervous. We tucked elf Jackson in his book bag so he would be safe. My son never looked back, hopping out of the car. He knew he had a ‘hidden’ friend with him for his first day of school. Thank you ELF MAGIC! We hope our elf will reappear for other special occasions. He was the happiest child I had ever seen! - Shreveport, LA
  • I am a second grade school teacher. We have a classroom Elf Magic elf and I LOVE it! Tingle has been the most fun I have ever had with my class. We write letters to Tingle and Tingle writes us back. He has been the best teaching tool I have ever had. He is one smart elf. The children can hold him and love him. Each child gets a chance to take Tingle home and write in their journal about what they did together. The next day, they report on the Elfcapades Tingle got into over night!!! My favorite is the pictures he takes while at the children’s home!!! This is just so much fun…Thanks Elf Magic for this wonderful gift to children. I encourage all teachers to get an Elf Magic elf! - Allendale, NJ
  • Our elves showed up with ‘apps’ gift cards for our "iTouch"! The elves had left notes letting them know that the children could "touch" and hold them, unlike the first elf Santa sent. My boys did not like being watched all the time and that the elf was going back every night to tell on them to Santa!!! The kids are not afraid of their elves and enjoy being able to hold and love their elves. They go everywhere with us. The elves have left the most positive notes about their school work and sharing their toys with others …So fun! They do not want to disappoint their elves!!!! I have learned a huge lesson: "Christmas is about joy and fun not discipline". - Birmingham, AL
  • Our elf Mindy and Sam found the sled we use for Christmas cards and got our Reindeer in training and some of our small stuffed animals, used wrapping paper ribbon and tried to teach all the animals how to fly a sled! They made it to Chick- Fil- a and back because there were Chick-Fil-a wrappers all over the kitchen table! The elves said the Reindeer in training were really good but that the Webkinz needed a little more practice. We are betting they may try to go to Brewsters one night for ice cream and we hope if they do they may bring us a surprise! The children can’t wait! - Atlanta, GA
  • Our elves decorated the glass storm doors last night with spray snow from cans! So cute! They are pretty good little artists too! They wrote "Believe in the ELF Magic of Christmas" - Portland, OR
  • Down here in Florida we never get any snow, so our elves had a Snow (cotton) ball fight one night! Cotton balls were all over our den I bet they used about 10 bags of cotton balls in this fight. The den looked just like we were covered in real snow! - Auburndale, FL
  • The elves threw an elf party one night and baked a Happy Birthday Jesus cake for my children! They were thrilled. They even got out the digital camera and had pictures of their fun! They brought the children the Elf Magic Nativity which is the sweetest thing ever!!!! Guess what the name of it is? "Happy Birthday Jesus". - Spring Hill, FL
  • Elf Magic elves came last night. There were candy canes all over the Christmas tree and they left the book, The Legend of the Candy Cane. It is a sweet story that also reinforces the true meaning of Christmas. - Foxfield, CO
  • My twin daughter’s 9th birthday was this summer. We all went to Krispy Crème for a late night snack after the party and we walked in and the girl's elves were there waiting for them at a table with a note and gifts. The Manager was so nice to let them save us a table before we got there! They must really like donuts and did not want to be left out of the party. - Roswell, GA
  • The Reindeer came last night for a visit with our elves. We were happy for the elves, because we know they missed their pets. The elves even let us give their reindeer in training "nick-names". They brought us hot chocolate and new cute hot chocolate mugs. They said they love to make hot chocolate. We really LOVE our elves and now we can love our reindeer too. Thanks again ELF MAGIC!!!! - Lafayette, AL
  • We are so excited about the Elf Keepsake Journal this year. My daughter is constantly writing in her journal. This is also special for me because I am a huge scrapbooker and love seeing her so interested in collecting pictures and writing her memories down. We will save all our notes and pictures in one place now and treasure this book for years to come. Great idea!!! - Cleveland, TN
  • We found our elves in our car this morning. They had typed "North Pole" into the GPS! They didn’t get very far though. The car battery was dead because they had left the light and radio on in the car. My husband was not happy! Oops! - Miami, FL
  • Our elves took a lot of cans out of the pantry and made a fort! It was more like a restaurant because they had opened up cookies and candy and were eating in their ‘fort restaurant’! - San Antonio, TX
  • We woke up this morning to find our elves having a tea party with our American girl dolls. They had become really good friends! - Grapevine, TX
  • Our elves left my children some money and asked them if they could all go shopping for a gift for needy children. We will take that money and buy a gift for a special child this year. The elves told us we could take the gift to the fire station for "Toys for Tots". We are excited about this adventure! The elves have a heart of gold and have taught my children something very special. - Oakland Township, MI
  • Our elves showed up this summer with TICKETS TO SEE TAYLOR SWIFT!!!! They apparently listen to her on their favorite radio station, WTOYS. They came back for the concert too! What "rockin'" elves! - Atlanta, GA
  • We have 3 elves and each year they struggle with balancing their "Elf Magic Elfcapades" and the true meaning of Christmas. So, our elves usually bring books, games or poems that tie in the fact that we celebrate Christmas because it is Jesus' birthday. They remind the children that there are lots of fun, magic things that happen during the Christmas season, but the main point is that we are celebrating Christ's birth. Anyway, I ran across a poem our elves left for our children on Christmas Eve as they were going back to the North Pole. They also left a birthday cake that was decorated saying, "Happy Birthday Jesus" for my kids. (Read the poem) Thanks for all the fun the elves provide at our home during Christmas! - Traci, Colorado
  • Elf Magic Elves are back again this year playing their tricks! Elves Rule!!! We caught our Elfcapades on tape (watch the video) this year but the best of all was "Grand Theft Auto". Our elves and the neighbors elves took the cars and switched them out. They even parked them in each other's back yard. It was so funny!!! We love our elves! Can't wait till next year! Elves Rule!!!
  • We could not figure out how our elf "Lilly" kept getting into the post-it-notes every night. We found Heart notes all over the house. We decided to see who was getting them out for her so we set up a hidden video camera and caught her in the act!!!! (watch the video) We now know that Lilly just loves us with all her "heart"!!!
  • Elf Magic Elf Sightings: Elf Magic Invasion. The elves have popped up all over Birmingham, Alabama and their Elfcapades have made the WIAT 42 news as reported by Mike McClanahan!!! What will those elves do next?
  • Every year, our elves find new ways to show up at our house. We always ask Santa in our letters in November if Fielding and Collette can come to visit. This year we went to a local store and purchased our live Christmas tree which the store wrapped in the netting to pack on our car. Amazingly, when we got home and cut off the netting, the elves were inside the tree! My son and daughter are still wondering how they knew which tree we would pick. And they look forward to the mischief their elf friends might do each day. - Soddy Daisy, Tennessee
  • One night my husband fell asleep on the sofa in the den watching TV. We covered him up and all went to bed. The next morning the elves were in the den with a gift certificate to Mary's Nails, with my name on it. They left a note saying that they wanted to do something special for "Mama" and surprise me by doing my nails in time for the Office Christmas Party. They had all my nail polish and manicure set out. The note went on the say that they wanted to practice first and it did not work out so well so they decided to give me a gift certificate to have it done. We did not really understand it all until dad woke up and you should have heard him yell! All of his toenails were painted different colors! It was so funny and, guess what? We did not have any polish remover! - Adamsville, TN
  • It was a real life "Candy Land" this morning! Our elf, Francine, hung candy canes on the door knobs, strung lollipops from the lamp shades, and draped Twizzlers over the Christmas Tree. I think she might be interested in interior decorating! - Birmingham, Alabama
  • Our Elf, Scarlett, loves to leave elfish treats around, so let me share with you how she used a few mini treat bags to surprise our family and friends throughout the holiday season. She started by compiling small bags of candy kisses with cute "Elf Kisses" labels. Then, made up similar bags of candy hugs and labeled them "Elf Hugs." Those fluffy pillow shaped peppermints become "Elf Pillows," and green, red and white tic- tacs become "Reindeer Feed," of course! Finally, she didn't forget to use a few mini cookies to create a bag of "Elf Cookies." - Peachtree City, GA
  • I just had to share the latest Elfcapade our magic Elves went on. Today the girls woke up to strings of pink lights all over the room decorating it just like a princess room. The Elves took them and hung the lights up in the girls' room to bring to life the Christmas spirit! They even hung snowflakes in-between the lights. I think the ever-busy Elves also have plans to hang a ribbon door curtain in the girls' room. We found tons of ribbon hidden under the bed! - Birmingham, Alabama
  • I usually make the girls a new Christmas outfit. This year however, the girls woke up to find the Elves got out my sewing machine, cotton, fabric and had strewn thread about and, were sitting with two new outfits that "magically" appeared, of course! The Elves also sent out personal invitations for a gingerbread house party! My boys' best friends and their Elves are coming over to share the joy of making gingerbread houses and reindeer food. - Kentucky
  • The boys in our family love fishing and swimming, so one day our Elf made a mini fishing pole and later was found sitting on top of a big clear bowl (the Elves confused this for an aquarium). He even dropped a few old ornaments in the bottom to make it Christmas-y. A few days later he was found sealed inside a mason jar with weights and rocks for an underwater exploration! We are having so much fun with the elves! Thanks Elf Magic for making our Christmas so meaningful - Miami, Florida
  • Our crafty elf, Bentley, made a paper chain cut out of our old newspaper and hung it like garland on the fireplace, the Christmas tree, and the banister. - Knoxville, Tn.
  • Music lovers themselves, our Elves burned a CD of their favorite holiday songs and placed it into a CD case they decorated beautifully - they even had a name for it! "Merry Music." Since Santa teaches the Elves that the "best gifts are those that can't be bought," they made several copies with instructions for our children to pass them out to others to show "love and kindness in all that they do"! - Nashville, Tennessee
  • Our Elves created a map of the neighborhood with snowflakes by the houses that had to be seen because of their beautiful Christmas light displays. We found the Elves close by all bundled up in their new "Let it Snow" outfits with a letter telling us to "bundle up the family" for a drive around the neighborhood! - Cairo, GA
  • Our Elves made a run to the local burger joint! In the morning, our children were delighted to find their Elves trying to get out of the car window. Upon further inspection, they found cushions piled up (so one Elf could see over the steering wheel) and the floorboard was filled with empty burger wrappers and drink cartons. - Moultrie, GA
  • One of our family's favorite instances of Elf mischief was when we found the digital camera on a tripod, filled with many, many pictures of the Elves posed in all sorts of strange, hilarious ways. - Boston
  • My kids love to wear Christmas Pajamas to bed on Christmas Eve night. Well, this year the elves got in on the act and left the kids new sets of pajamas and showed up with their own new set of nightshirts! It made for some super cute Christmas morning pictures! - Atlanta, GA
  • Our elves hosted a candy making event! The Elves sent a "HELP! Santa Needs Candy" invitation and requested assistance from our neighbors and friends with Christmas candy making. The invitation even asked that each invitee bring the ingredients for his/her favorite candy and enough for all the party goers to take a small sampling - which was so nice of the Elves because it sure helped keep the cost down! - Springville, Alabama
  • One night when everyone was sleeping, our Elves made and hung snowflakes by fishing line from the ceiling. When the kids woke, the kitchen and family room were full of dangling snowflakes!! After all, we really shouldn't have been surprised. The Elves get homesick for the North Pole and need a bit of the white stuff to feel really at home sometimes - crackers and water don't always do the trick! - Amana, IA
  • Our three Elves, Carrie, Tess and "Louie," aka Lewis, have gone high tech! Louie has a Facebook account, in which he posts comments and pictures to our teenager's wall. We think that he watched our oldest daughter on Facebook all the time and figured out how to do it himself. Our little girl has no idea how to do facebook but gets so excited and tickled when she hears her sister scream the "Louie did it again" which Elf made this account? The fun for us is finding out just who is behind Louie's tactics. And waiting to see what he will do next. Tess and Carrie also have their own email accounts - Tess_the_Elf@*insert email carrier of your choice* and Carrie_the_Elf. Throughout the year, my girls love emailing their Elves and finding out what they are up to at the North Pole. Between visits, Tess and Carrie send our girls samples of candy canes and Christmas jewelry until they can visit again! - Florence, SC
  • We love to have handmaid ornaments on our tree. Well, the elves must have noticed, so one night they made a Christmas mess painting ornaments! They left the art supplies all over the kitchen table, so the kids could make some too. They look so cute on the tree! - Nashville,TN
  • One morning we couldn't find Collier and figured he had been on another Elfcapade the night before. It was getting time to leave the house to go to school and the car was not in the driveway. We live in the country and have a large back yard. You wouldn't believe it, but the car was in the backyard with Collier draped over the steering wheel (he was obviously very tired). When we got in the car and got it started, Christmas music was playing LOUD! I mentioned to my son that the car was full on gas when I parked it the night before, so he was shocked to discover that it was now half empty. We still talk about where our Elf could have gone during the night! - Palacios, TX
  • Our little ambitious Elves love to rearrange the furniture every couple of nights. Once, we found a couple of our dusty, old lawn chairs from the attic on the front lawn with our Elves fast asleep from watching the stars all night! - Irmo, SC
  • My youngest loves coloring books, so one night the elves brought Christmas coloring books and had even colored a few pages! - Riverview, FL
  • This past Christmas my two Elves, Benson and Simon, did something amazing. One night, I decided to have those two sleep in my bed with me. To my surprise, I woke up the next morning to discover the Elves were nowhere near where I put the snowflakes on them the previous evening. So, I got out of bed and I searched my entire house. Hearing my mom burst out in laughter, I followed the sound of her voice into mom and dad's bedroom. Standing there in his PJ's with a black expo marker mustache, my dad looked at my mom and said, "What is so funny"?! When he looked in the mirror, he screamed! - Greer, SC
  • Oh well, we must have Elves that want to be interior decorators. We just moved into a new house and just decorated the baby's new "big girl room". One morning the new pink comforters and shams were gone from the twin beds and there were pillows shams, throw pillows, and quilts on the bed. They were brown, gold, orange, and black, nothing matched at all. Another night they rearranged some furniture and another night switched the paintings all around the house, a few were even upside down!!! We have decided that they are probably much better at helping Santa make toys than they are decorating!!! - Naperville, IL
  • Our elves are so dear. We love them so much. Christmas always seemed like such a sad day because the elves were gone. This year we wrote Santa a letter and asked if they could stay with us until school started back. It was so nice to have them stick around a few more days. Once the kids were back in school the elves went back to the north pole and left a little pocket elf so that they would not forget them during the year. We miss them so much but now have a constant reminder of their love in the little Pocket Elf! - Powell, Ohio
  • Oliver arrived this year, the beginning of December and brought Mickey Mouse Crocs for my boys. Later that evening the boys were surprised with a trip to Disney World, leaving at midnight. Crispin even got to go to Orlando with us, (he rolled the entire rental vacation house we were staying in) Thanks again for helping make these precious memories for us! - Opelika, Alabama
  • One night our elves got into the holiday decorations closet. Not only did they bring out more Christmas decorations, but every other holiday too! Easter bunnies, pumpkins, pilgrims, American flags, etc! They always wanted to celebrate these holidays with us! - Oneonta, AL
  • Our elf spent one mischievous night making "Snow Ice Cream", an Elf Family Recipe and a great reminder of her home at the North Pole!
    1 gallon snow
    1 cup white sugar
    1 tablespoon vanilla extract
    2 cups milk
    When it starts to snow, place a large, clean bowl outside to collect the flakes. When full, stir in sugar and vanilla to taste, then stir in just enough milk for the desired consistency. Serve at once. - Puyallup, WA
  • Taylor, my son's elf, had a really good looking Barbie with him at the drive-in movie (living room TV) in the Barbie-sized car. They had been watching "The Nativity Story" at the drive-in. Meanwhile, Alissa, my little girl's elf, was on horseback (Barbie horse, of course), and the horse was kneeling on his forelegs in front of the crèche under the Christmas tree. - Cumming, GA
  • We are new to the elf tradition. We got our first set of elves this year, (Holly and Jonesy), and they have created havoc in our house and kept my two daughters guessing as to their next antics. My two girls awoke the other morning only to find that the elves had gift wrapped all their school books and placed them in their back packs. We're guessing that the elves wanted the girls to think of them when they were in school. It worked. Now all their friends want to know what the elves got into at our house. - Clay, Alabama
  • My daughters love to play dress up with their dolls. One night, the elves had a little fun playing dress up too! The doll clothes might have been a little big, but from the looks of it, they had a blast! - Franklin, TN
  • My daughter woke up one morning to find that her elf, Ellie, had brought her a 3 foot Christmas tree. On the floor were several packs of decorations spilled out. Ellie was hanging upside down on the tree with Christmas lights wrapped around her. Evidently Ellie was trying to decorate the tree but got tangled up in the lights. - Helena, AL
  • One day our elves Renee, Gracie, Karrie, and Daisy had a sleepover with our friend's elf, Ansley, and they TPED the whole kitchen!!! We had SO much fun! Can't wait till Christmas next year!!! - Dudley, GA
  • One time the elves played hide and go seek. They typed up clues and on that Saturday morning the kids were having the time of their lives trying to find each elf. One was hiding in the fruit basket and the other 4 were hiding elsewhere. They got a kick out of that! - Benton, LA
  • Every year, every night from December 1st on, our elf, Ewing visits and my son asks him to do chores each night. Some nights he asks him to help fold the laundry or do the dishes and Ewing always obliges. Sometimes though Elves just want to have fun! Ewing will race his monster trucks, build legos, or get into his toy box. We have had so much fun with Ewing, creating beautiful memories we will hold dear year after year. - Winston Salem, NC
  • Our Elf just loves to perform random acts of kindness and give gifts. Last year, for my daughter, the Elf cleaned the litter box, washed the dishes, gave her a #1 kid award, candy, earrings, etc... This year will be the first year that an Elf will visit my husband. I love having the elves come because they are so much fun and share the true meaning of Christmas with my family, by giving them the greatest gift of all Love. - Birmingham, Alabama
  • Our elf, Bradford, loves to find the sneakiest places to sleep at night. The kids have found him all cozy in a wreath, in a stocking over the fireplace, and snuggled up in Dad's shoes! - Stevenson Ranch, CA
  • I hear one of the elves favorite things to do up at the North Pole is build snowmen. Our elves always happen to know when there will be just the right amount of snow the next morning to make our own snowman. So the night before they search the house for the perfect snowman outfit - hat, gloves, scarf, eyes, nose - and leave it for the kids! - Corvallis, OR
  • For the last 5 years, our elf, Allie, has arrived with the Advent calendar on December 1st. Allie wants to help us understand the true meaning of Christmas. She also loves to get into mischief with the cats! My daughter looks forward to Allie coming every year and takes her to school and everywhere with her before Christmas. In the past my daughter has been sad to see Allie leave once Advent is over, but last year Allie left a small elf for my daughter to keep and take care of all the time. Allie is a wonderful addition to our family and our traditions and a way to pull together the magic, wonder, joy and true meaning of Christmas. - Alpharetta, GA
  • We put Celina and Cole to bed in the kitchen and when we woke up Celina was in front of the computer. I guess she was Christmas shopping. She was on a website that sold holiday gifts! - Morgan City, LA
  • Georgie, our elf, left us a great surprise on Christmas morning. He had hung tons of glittered snowflakes from the ceiling tied to fishing string. He also scattered hundreds of chocolate coins all over the living room floor. The boys were so excited. This year I think Georgie is going to leave new ornaments on the tree and take all the sad and broken ones back to the North Pole to get fixed. - Birmingham, AL
  • At a Sorority House somewhere in the southeast, "Go Bulldogs!" Our House Elf, Zeta, hides and moves from room to room. She often leaves a special note of encouragement, bible verse, or small treat! She is such a gift to lift everyone's spirit in what can be a busy and hectic time during exam finals! She loves visiting all of the girls.
  • Our daughter, Olivia, adores our elf, Darcy. We're thankful that Darcy emphasizes God's love for all children. One morning when Olivia woke up, she couldn't find Darcy. She searched high and low and eventually found Darcy in the manger! Darcy had moved all of the figurines out of the barn so that she could hold baby Jesus herself. Olivia was thrilled to see Darcy cradling the baby. It was truly meaningful for her as well as the rest of the family. - Tampa, FL
  • Okay, my elf Emma does some pretty cool things! One of my favorites is when she took our angel off the Christmas tree and put herself on the top! - Whitesburg, GA
  • The top ten most mischievous things our elves did in Saint Charles, IL
    1. Took cans out of the pantry and stacked them on the kitchen floor and spelled his name with them
    2. Took coat hangers and hooked them together on the ceiling fan and climbed up 1/2 way
    3. Hid in the microwave with some hot chocolate.
    4. Poured packing peanuts all over the entry and made a "snow angel"
    5. Made the toilet bowl green (food coloring) and wrote a note on the mirror (washable marker ink)
    6. Stacked presents in a big tower
    7. Baked cookies, made a mess but we got to eat cookies for breakfast
    8. Moved the car down the street
    9. Rearranged the furniture
    10. Put 30 ft of silver foil garland on the fan and attached it to the stairs, made it look like a ski slope...
  • The elves started their visit last week. What a hit they have made! The elves made sugar cookies last night. They signed their names in flour on the countertop. The mess they made was worth it because the cookies were "much better than the ones Mom makes." - Bremen, GA
  • Typically our elf just likes to make mischief simply drinking hot chocolate at night. But last night our elf took a bag of marshmallows and dumped it in the sink, grabbed some soap, and took a marshmallow bath! - Concard, CA
  • The night after we decorated the tree we found our elves, Ansley and Bradford hiding in our tree. That night they drew pictures with glitter pens and markers and just left them laying all over the floor along with both drawn pictures and crumpled up ones. Last night Ansley and Bradford went to the kids' rooms and took a big dinosaur and a big horse down to the basement. This morning Ansley was on the horse and Bradford was riding the dinosaur! They must have needed a snack from playing because there were mini marshmallows all over the floor and table and a water bottle with 2 straws in it. - Georgetown, TN
  • My daughter wrote a letter to Santa this year asking for a magical elf to visit her from the North Pole. Santa delivered and Amy, the elf, arrived on Friday morning. Amy is quite mischievous during the night when we are all sleeping!! The first night she stayed up all night watching videos and eating popcorn. She even got Santa and Rudolph involved, and brought my daughter a new movie. The next night, she snuck into the bedroom and toilet papered it and the bathroom, and she replaced the tissue with Santa paper. Then she hung out on the ceiling fan blade waiting until morning. Last night she took some of the Christmas carolers and snow from downstairs and played on the floor. She has even made snow angels and left some candies. No telling what she will do next!! She sure is fun though and we love having her. I expect that she will be back next year and so on. - Sarasota, FL
  • Another elf family in our neighborhood enjoys a night when each person makes their own personal pizza on a plain pizza shell. The other night, there was one shell left over. The elves decided to make their own pizza! They used sauce and whatever they could find including pickles, pepperoni, leftover spaghetti noodles, chocolate chips, (and I'm not sure what else). The next morning, the kids found the leftover partially eaten pizza! - Trafford, AL
  • Every Christmas, I love to display all of our Christmas cards from friends and family. One night our elf, Jingle, stayed up late reading all the cards, eating popcorn, and drinking Coke. My girls got such a kick out of that! - Denham Springs, LA
  • One night, our elf, Broderick, was extra mischievous. He decided he would leave notes around the room for the kids. Well, he got carried away and ended up leaving over 3,000 post it notes all over our living room! Every inch was covered! - Navarre, FL
  • I just wanted to let you know how much our children loved their Elves. We kept a daily journal of all of their activities. We would write notes back and forth and put them in the journal. The first day the elves arrived they brought a small disposable camera. Every night we could tell that the elves had gotten the camera and taken a picture. Last week after the elves went back with Santa to the North Pole we remembered the camera. I had the pictures developed and we laughed so hard!!! We ended up with a picture of every one of the elves nightly adventures! We had a blast putting them into the journal. It turned out sooo cute. We could not believe some of the funny pictures the elves took. The first one was when the elves were still at the North Pole and Santa was giving them a Good bye Hug!!! We now have proof that they are REAL because they were in the picture Santa!!! - Elves in Huntsville, Alabama
  • One of our favorite family traditions is setting up our train set around the Christmas tree. This year our elves beat us to it! The next morning the kids found them riding the train. One elf was the conductor, and the other was in the caboose. - Birmingham, AL
  • You Have Been Elfed! A couple weeks before Christmas, all my neighbors play a game called "You Have Been Elfed!" Someone starts by dropping off the rhyme, a picture of an elf on a sheet of paper and treats at two houses without being caught. Then those two neighbors continue the fun by doing the same to two more neighbors. Everyone that gets Elfed is supposed to post the elf on their door or in their window so they don't get Elfed twice. The idea is to pass the holiday cheer along to as many people as possible by Christmas. It's a fun and easy way to celebrate the holidays with your neighbors. Here's a copy of the rhyme and elf that we use in our neighborhood. - Cindy P., Sun Prairie, WI
  • Gallagher will not come each year until Jack has the 2-ft high Christmas tree we put in his room up and decorated. Well, this year, Gallagher found a set of 20 candy-filled red and green ornaments that I had purchased at Sam's Club (made by the Wonka Company). So one night, Gallagher and our new elf, Polly removed and scattered all the existing ornaments off Jack's little tree and replaced them with the Wonka ornaments.
  • This year (2006), I found Lego kits to make little 3-4 inch elves, a boy or a girl, their web site (www.lego.com). I had gotten them to give as Christmas presents, but those elves got into the Legos! One morning Jack and his two-year-old brother Scott, who had his first visit from Polly this year, found their elves feverishly trying to make Lego figures of themselves, which they obviously needed help with! (Lego also has an Angel and a Reindeer!)
  • Last year was our first encounter with my son's elf, Sylvester. We had so much fun and can't wait until he arrives this year. One morning, my son couldn't find Sylvester anywhere in the house. But, when he went to get in the car to go to school, Sylvester was buckled up with a note that he was going to school. When the kids came back from lunch, there was candy all over the floor and Sylvester had written "Sylvester was here" on the blackboard.
  • Our elves love to make messes in the kitchen, but one night they stayed up extra late and had the perfect Christmas- themed breakfast ready for the whole family. There were green pancakes with strawberries, raspberries, and whipped cream on top! The kids loved it and ask for it all the time. But they say I can't ever make it as good as the elves! - Calera, AL
  • My son lost a tooth while Sylvester was here. When he woke up, his tooth was gone, but there was no money. My son would always run through the house looking to see what mischief Sylvester had gotten into the night before, but this morning, he couldn't find him anywhere. Just as we were about to leave for school, he saw that Sylvester was still in his bed. When he picked him up, he heard the coins slide onto the cardboard. He was so shocked that Sylvester had gotten his money. That day when he was at school, Sylvester decorated his room like a winter wonderland with lights everywhere, paper snowflakes all over the bed and floor, etc. When he went into his room, it was bright and full of Christmas cheer. There was a note from Sylvester saying that he was sorry he had taken the money, but they were shiny like the snow back home and it made him think of the North Pole. Sylvester had never seen money before. You know that there is no money at the North Pole because the elves make all the toys for Santa, so everything is FREE! This one was our children's favorite elf adventure!
  • OK, Call me crazy but I have two daughters and they LOVED their elves so much that they begged the elves to bring "friends" that might not have homes! We now are the proud Adoptive parents of six elves that visit us for all special occasions and of course at Christmas. We just have loved having all those elves around at Christmas all these years. A house full has been the MOST fun we have ever had!!!
  • The elves decided to have the kids do something fun with their Santa Sacks. As the kids notice their brothers or sister or parents show kindness, they write it down and put it in the elves' Santa Sacks. The elves love to comment on the notes, and we read them at the end of each week. It's a great way to make loving and giving a part of the season! - Terrell, TX
  • We Love the elf with black hair and medium skin tone. We are so excited that we are going to ask Santa if we can adopt two. Both of my children have black hair, so this will be perfect!!! We live in Florida and will be at our beach house for Thanksgiving, along with all of the cousins from Alabama that have already adopted Elves. We will also be able to tell them apart from the cousin's elves!!! Our elves have been at the beach lying in the sun and have a great tan already!!!
  • Santa and Elf Magic...Thank you, thank you, and thank you again! for making my daughter so happy. Last year my little girl left out crackers and water but was so disappointed day after day that nothing happened. When I found out that an elf was supposed to come and do things I just helped by playing along obviously not really understanding what "Elf Magic" was all about. Christmas came and went and we never had an elf appear. It broke my heart when she finally told me that she guessed that the reason she never got one was because "elves must not come to black children" I am so excited that we finally figured out that we had not sent a letter to Santa asking if we could "Adopt an Elf"!!! We got a letter off to Santa and, well she is NOW here and is DARLING! Best of all she has black hair and medium skin tone just like my daughter!!! Samantha left her a note promising that she would be back for this Christmas and that Santa and all the elves do not ever care about the color of someone's skin. The note reminded her that like the song "Jesus Loves the Little Children" red and yellow, black, and white, they are precious in His sight! The elves feel the same way.
  • Our elves LOVE to do crafts and often bring a new project every few days especially on the weekends. They have even brought craft supplies so that the children can make their own Christmas gifts for their friends and grandparents. Other elves that love to do crafts with the kids can look on the website listed below. Thanks Elf Magic for all the fun and joy you have brought to our family. Thank you for allowing us to adopt elves from Santa! LINK for adventure craft ideas: www.daniellesplace.com www.christmas.html.
  • My son, with the help of his father, collects bottle caps. He probably has a couple of hundred. One night Gallagher, the Elf, made mischief by using Jack's bottle caps to make an intricate series of roads in Jack's room, under his bed, around the chair... all over the place. He then got out the Matchbox cars and had them zooming around his little town. My son LOVED it, and talked about that for quite a while!

    Another time, Gallagher pulled out a ladder he had been hiding and put it on the Christmas tree. He then made a mess using construction paper to cut out a star that he wanted to put on the top of the tree. We found him hanging upside down from one foot on the ladder, with the star in his hand. Good thing he wasn't hurt!

    My son is now 8 and a half and still looks forward to Gallagher coming as much as he does Santa. I hope the Elf Magic never fades away!! Santa, thanks for sharing your elf with us and thank you Elf Magic for helping us to adopt him!!!
  • You won't believe what our elf did this summer!!! My 10-year-old daughter was headed to camp for two weeks and was a bit apprehensive. She is always writing to the elves and sent her Elf an email telling her elf she was going to camp and was scared. She asked her elf if she could come and go with her so that she would not be alone. Well, at the last minute, Zeta showed up in her trunk packed with her sleeping bag and pajamas and a note saying, "I've always wanted to go to camp too"! My daughter was ecstatic when she opened up that trunk in her cabin! She then knew that she was not alone anymore. I really do believe it was her elf going with her that eased her fear! By the way, her elf had the best time at camp and wants to go back next year! Everyone had the best time with Zeta because she hid every night and all the girls in the cabin took turns looking for her!!!
  • Whoever said the elves are only good to come out at Christmas??? I just feel that the window of "Elf Magic" is so short these days. With that said, the elves decided to have Christmas in July!! My children were thrilled! The kids needed new bathing suits and how the elves knew that we'll never know!! The elves just showed up one night with new suits and monogrammed towels and had them wrapped in Christmas paper! My children couldn't believe it! You could have heard them coming down the steps to tell me from a mile away! Their elves left them a note saying they were so fortunate to come because they worked hard, got their chores done and were able to have some summer free time. They stayed a week, and made sure that the kids were doing their summer reading, by asking the children to read their books to them every night! We love Christmas in July!
  • My daughter's elf, Irene, made an appearance for a few days in early August. She brought a new book bag for "Back to School". Another night she brought a new lunch box with some leftover cracker crumbs in it. Irene wanted to go with us to get school supplies and some school clothes. Irene finally wished her well after a week and was off to the North Pole to get her work done so she could return around Christmas. What a fun way to end the summer and start off the school year!
  • Our elf arrived last year in a pizza box!!!! We ordered pizza and breadsticks. My husband went to pick the pizza up and when he got home, he set the box on the counter.

    My oldest daughter went to get the breadsticks ready and when she opened the box the breadsticks were gone and Danielle, the Elf was in there with a letter and her snowflakes! My daughter was so excited. My husband and I grumbled about not having any breadsticks and we are all trying to figure out how and when she got in there!!! Our daughter said her new elf was just hungry from the long journey and wanted some food. She still talks about how much her elf likes breadsticks.
  • Our elves arrived today and my children were thrilled! My twin girls are 10 and had gotten their ears pierced for their birthday. They wrote their elves and told them about their ears and to their surprise the elves arrived today with pierced ears too. The girls were thrilled! We are having fun with the elves in Boston!!!
  • Our Elves LOVE to use the computer. When the elves write the children, they always use the computer but our elves always print it out using the printing option "Mirror image for t-shirts". The words come out backwards! The elves told them they only know how to write backwards! Now every time they get a letter from the elves they either run get a mirror or hold it up to the light backwards and read it! They love it!
  • My children wrote their elves and asked them when their birthdays were. The elves wrote back but used funny dates. One has a birthday on January 67th and the other has one on August 34! The children thought that was so cool! With love from Jingle and Jangle in San Antonio, Texas
  • Santa left a mini-elf in each child's stocking with a small scroll instructing the children to help train the baby elves. He said that they had done such a fine job with the 10" elves, (and he knows how we miss them when they return to the North Pole), that he decided we could have "Elves in Training." Since these are "baby sisters" to our larger elves, they don't have magic yet nor do they write BUT, they do observe and learn what the children are doing. As Thanksgiving approaches, they occasionally start moving around the room and scribbling on paper. They must be learning! The note from Santa said that they could stay for one year. My youngest daughter, who is seven, is very concerned about mini "Mabel" leaving. We think that Santa will probably allow Mabel to stay since she has done such a fine job. My 9-year old sent a letter to Santa asking if she had trained the baby elf well enough to have another one this year. We will just have to wait and see!!!
  • Our Children's favorite "Elf Adventure" involves the entire neighborhood! On the last day of school before Christmas break, the children arrive at the bus stop with NO parents waiting to pick them up. Instead, all of the elves are there with a sign instructing them where to go to the "Annual Elf Christmas Party." All of the book bags are thrown down and left right there as they rush off with the elves for an afternoon of elf activities and fun!!!
  • I just wanted to let you know how much my children loved the Elves. Will you please make sure and tell Santa "thanks so much"? There were so many special memories that I decided to keep a journal of all of their activities. The children and elves would write notes back and forth and put them in the journal. Last week I had my pictures developed and the elves had taken a picture of every one of their nightly adventures. We were all so surprised and I had a blast putting them into the journal.
  • Our elf just arrived from the North Pole for my daughter and she LOVES the new box that she came in!!! It will make a PERFECT bed! She plans on using it as "Laney's" bed while she is here. It is so cute and matches the sleeping bag! What a great idea! Santa is so smart!
  • You won't believe what Dacey did last night! He got in my underwear drawer and put my underwear all over the Christmas tree. Dacey did lots of fun things, but this is the story my son chooses to tell the kids in his class and his teachers.
  • Over the years we have collected all kinds of stockings. With only four of us in the family, there is only a need for four on the mantle. Well, one night my oldest son's elf, Jack, awoke and hung every single stocking that we had in our house on the mantle. I think there were a total of 29. Needless to say, the mantle was covered in stockings! The biggest stocking was tacked to the wall. My son thought it was great that he had hung all of the stockings and was certain that he would find Jack in one of them but he didn't. Jack had crawled into the big stocking on the wall and was peering over the top. The children were so excited. He also left a few things in that great big stocking for them. Jack really is a joy to have around.
  • My five-year-old daughter loves to play UNO. So her elf, Amy, set up the UNO Card Game under her bed and her favorite stuffed animal. They each had a stack of cards and some cards had already been played. She was thrilled that Amy loved UNO just like she did.
  • Oh, you are not going to believe this one! Last year our three elves got into the biggest mischief. As we were leaving for school one morning we found that the car was not in the driveway, it was in front of our neighbor's house. The kids said, "Oh, Daddy must have moved it." But no, the elves had stacked up three pillows from the sofa and used them to prop themselves up on the driver's seat so that they could see to drive. They had parked the car up on the curb (crazy like) and had everything on - the windshield wipers, flashers, lights, radio-at full blast (really loud). There they were all four of them, caught in the act. One was hanging from the rear view mirror, one was sitting on the pillows trying to drive, and one was straddling the top of the steering wheel (I guess to call out directions). Sam was down on the pedal pressing it down to make the car go. Needless to say, that day we got a fax from Santa saying that he saw the whole thing and that they had better watch out! So precious!!! We all decided that cars must be a lot harder to drive that sleighs lead by reindeer!!! What will they do next?
  • Thank you so much, and Merry Christmas! By the way, my children are absolutely enthralled with the elves. Last night, the elves played basketball in the driveway. After searching frantically through the house in the morning, they finally found the elves outside. Macintyre was up on the goal post, Arnold was sitting with the basketball, and Julia had taken one of my kitchen chairs outside, with a pen and pad of paper, and was apparently keeping score of the game, and doodling as well. She even brought out some kitchen towels to keep warm!
  • For one of the elves "magic" nights they finished the Christmas tree tinsel by hanging candy canes all over it and leaving some around the house. For their gift, the elves left the book, "The Legend of the Candy Cane".
  • One night our elves left burnt cookies on the cookie sheet with the mess of flour on the table. As a gift they left the children a gingerbread house kit to decorate themselves. The elves just couldn't cook the cookies without burning them, but they tried!
  • We had a wonderful time with our elves, Sorina, Marty and Grover! We took a picture every morning of each of their adventures, and are making them a scrapbook. Each year, we can add to the book and enjoy seeing what our elf friends have done in the past. I even put their name tags, and letters in the scrapbook. The night our elves arrived, they wrote "We're here!" with green gel toothpaste on the bathroom counter. It appeared that there was a power struggle over who got to write, because they had squirted toothpaste all over the faucet, handles, and counter. We're still not sure which one wrote the message!

    One morning we found Sorina inside the hamster's exercise ball. Marty and Grover were pushing her around the floor and she was having so much fun tumbling over and over! My daughter has one of those "Barbie heads" that comes with a brush, comb, barrettes, etc. She loves to give it different hair styles and brush the hair. It was left in the den one night and the next morning, three elves were fixing Barbie's hair. She actually looked pretty good, too!
  • One night, I left my camera and tripod out. Apparently the elves think they are photogenic, because they were posed in a chair with the camera aimed at them. What they didn't know is that the camera was out of film - Whew! Imagine the cost of processing film if they had found several rolls and used them all!
  • My children have a puppet theater and were talking about putting on a show, but they never got around to doing it. Well, the elves heard them and were in the theater the next morning! They even brought the kids three new puppets!!
  • We have quite a few Christmas DVDs, and we awoke to find the elves had pulled out all of them and popped themselves some popcorn. They were sitting on the floor propped up with pillows, covered with a blanket, eating popcorn and watching the movie, "Elf." I was sad to see them leave on Christmas Eve, but know that if they behave themselves and finish their work they will get to return this year.
  • I just wanted to share a cute idea that the elves created one night. The elves rolled cookie dough in flour to create snowballs. They even built a cute snowman and used colored toothpicks for the eyes, arms and nose. They wrote us a letter and said they really liked visiting our house and that Alabama was a fun state to visit. They said that it is really cold here, but it just doesn't snow. They said at times they miss the North Pole because they got to play in the snow with all the other elves, so they decided to create some snow and do the best they could do with cookie dough and flour. Our children thought it was so funny and it started our morning off really laughing with the whole family. Hope all our fellow elf friends are having as much fun as we are this Christmas season; they seem to keep getting into some kind of mischief daily. Happy Holidays!!!
  • This is our third year with elves and we just love it! There are now four families in our neighborhood that have elves. All the elves have joined in together in this wonderful tradition of mischief-making!!!

    I wanted to share this story with you as we love hearing all the new adventures that other elves have been on. It gives our elves new ideas. I am not sure I want our elves knowing some of them!!! I thought others might find this as special as we did.

    The children next door were waiting for their elves to arrive. They had also asked Santa for a new black lab puppy. Right before Christmas, on a Saturday morning the children awoke to find that the crackers and water were gone but there were NO elves sitting there. The children searched around to see if they were hiding and wouldn't you know, right in the middle of the laundry room was a dog crate with a new dog bed monogrammed "BEAR" sitting on top. There were 3 very sleepy elves curled up in the dog bed (with a few cracker crumbs in the bed). One was holding a leash, one had the collar and the other was asleep in the dog bowls. There was a note explaining that they were delayed because they had to wait for "Bear" to get old enough to come live with them. The Elves sure had a surprise for this family! I have to say that all the kids in the neighborhood will remember these elves' arrivals. This was more exciting than if Santa himself had shown up at the front door with the puppy.
  • This is probably the most special note I have gotten since I started spreading the tradition of our family Christmas "Elf Magic" with others many years ago. This is a letter from "Lindy" (the Elf), to Whitney when she started to question if the Elf was real. (Click here).
  • We woke up one morning to a mess in our den. Our elves had popped popcorn and put it in our biggest bowl. The bowl was sitting in the middle of the den floor with the popcorn half eaten. Popcorn was all over the floor and the video cabinet was empty!!!! We found them all three propped up in the popcorn bowl with videos all around them! The TV was on! It was obvious they love all night movies and popcorn!!!! Incidentally, they left the cutest new Christmas video for the kids with a sweet note!!! It was a fun surprise to wake up too. We've had so much fun with our new friends!
  • At night while the kids were fast asleep our elves got into the toilet paper and rolled the kids' rooms, the hall and our den! The kids woke up to a winter wonderland!!! They wanted it to stay up all Christmas! Needless to say, the elves cleaned it up while the kids were at school (it must have been the elves, because I was gone all day!) It was fun. We love our elves! The next night the Elves replaced every roll of toilet tissue with Christmas decorated paper.
  • Our Elves brought an "Elf Size" Christmas tree (mini tree) for each child's bedroom. Each morning there after the elf had either put decorations on the tree or was found with a new "Elf Size" ornament in their "Elf Size Santa Sack" for the children to put on. They even brought a tree skirt and lights for the tree!!!
  • I put snow around my collection of carolers (which are totally off limit to the children!). One evening the Elf, "Zeek" moved around the carolers and made snow angels in the snow!!! Then he propped himself up and held a "caroling" songbook. He left a note telling the kids how much he enjoyed playing and singing with the carolers and especially how much he enjoyed making snow angels. He said he felt like he was back at the North Pole, and guess what? That sweet little elf brought me a new caroler that night too! What a nice elf! it still hasn't made up for some of the messes he's made though.
  • My kids never want to go to bed during holiday season! So this year our elves brought a bedtime relaxation CD with a note. Our elf wrote that the "Indigo Dreams" CD was one of his favorites and he insisted that they listen to it when they go to bed. That night my children turned on the CD and fell asleep quicker than a wink, with his elf in his arm! We got the relaxation CD online at: www.stressfreekids.com.
  • Our elves left a trail of Fruit Loops all over the house taking the kids on a hunt for their elves. I make it a point not to buy a lot of the "sugar" cereals. At the end of the hunt they found their favorite breakfast "sugar" cereals!!!
  • My children found their elves in the oven and they had a kit for making a gingerbread house!!!! Next year we hope they will bring a Christmas cookie kit.
  • We found that when the elves leave notes asking the children questions, they get such a kick out of that. They can hardly wait to write the elves back to answer their questions.
  • One morning we couldn't find our elves anywhere!!! The children were in tears as we walked out the door to go to school. What a surprise finding our elves strapped in the seat belts with notes asking them if they could go to school and meet their teacher and friends. It was great!!!!
  • Did you know the elves love to play Nintendo? Well, they pulled out all our games and played all night! Those little sneaks even ate an entire package of Oreos and drank coke in the playroom! I am glad this only lasts the month of December!!! These elves wear me out with all the messes I have to clean up!! But the memories of seeing my child's face will forever be in my heart! I guess the elves can come back next year!
  • Our elves got into some of my gifts I had planned on giving the kids for Christmas. They set them out and made it look like they had brought them. Those little creatures were too lazy to bring their own gifts and went sneaking around in my things to give the kids. (The children thought this was so funny when I told them I had bought those things for them and planned on wrapping them up to put under the tree!!)
  • One night I made a mess in the kitchen cooking dinner and was too tired to clean it up. The children got a good look at the dishes in the sink and the dirty pots and pans. After we were fast asleep, the elves cleaned my kitchen SPOTLESS!!! The next morning we found the elves in the kitchen around the cleaning bottles sitting on the dishrag. They wrote a note to the children saying they wanted to help mom out and asked the children to help with more chores around the house! Then, low and behold the elves had brought me a new pair of bedroom slippers. I LOVE these elves! they even do "nice" things for moms!!!
  • Our children woke up to find the elves had opened a new bag of flour and made snow angels in the flour that had spilled on the kitchen counter top. They felt like they were back at the North Pole. They had so much fun, but boy did they leave a huge mess!
  • The elves got my Polaroid camera and took two rolls of pictures of themselves playing in the house! The pictures were adorable and the children saw documented evidence that those little fellows are up and playing all night! We made an "Elf Magic" Scrapbook with the pictures and all the letters the elves have written.
  • The elves wrote notes to the kids on the bathroom mirrors with mommy's lipstick one night, and shaving cream another night.
  • Here's an idea! Have an "Elf Party"! Have your children invite all of their friends over for a cookie swap or tree ornament decorating party. All the friends can bring their elves! This year we are going to decorate gingerbread houses, made with small milk cartons and graham crackers. It has become a tradition every year and I love the yearly pictures of all the kids and their elves!!! The elves love visiting with their friends as well. Next year all the elves are bringing "Elf T-Shirts" for the kids to wear to the party!!!
  • The elves made snowflakes out of tissue paper and left their mess all over the living room floor--tissue paper, tape, scissors, and fishing line... They then hung their snowflakes on our ceiling above the fire place and by our tree for decorations. It gave a very pretty winter wonderland scene in our living room and something we can keep up all holiday season.
  • The elves decided to take a little boat ride in our bathtub one night. We woke up one morning to find the bathroom decorated in a snow scene with tissue paper. We then found a trail of the elves' clothes leading us to the bathtub where they were hiding. They were playing and riding in a boat that our children play with in the bathtub. Our children got a kick out of it.
  • This morning we woke up to a huge mess of puzzles all over our living room floor. The elves had played with puzzles all night and left a big mess. They did however leave a new puzzle under the tree for our children. They also did this several nights ago with books, but left two new books under the tree as well.
  • Our elves made our children a Christmas/thank you card by cutting words, letters, and pictures out of magazines and the newspaper. They left a big mess in the kitchen of paper scraps, glue, and scissors, but in the middle of the mess was a beautiful card for each child that we can keep in our scrapbook for years to come.
  • My daughter (age 4) and I set up a winter wonderland area in her bedroom for her elf to stay while she was here. We made a two-story house out of a box--the top floor is the elf's bedroom and the bottom floor is the living room. She decorated a little Christmas tree out of construction paper for the living room and used some of her "blow- up" furniture for the couches. We also made a TV set out of a small box and she cut out pictures from a magazine of her favorite TV characters and glued them to small pieces of white paper. She can now change the pieces of paper out of the "TV box" and let the elves choose what they want to watch on TV. Outside of the house she made wreaths, candy canes, etc. and decorated the yard with a miniature nativity scene. She set up a play area for the elves with snow, a snowman and a little sleigh for them to ride. It entertains her now throughout the day as she and her elves will go back there and play house.
  • One night our elves got my keys and went on a midnight spin to Wendy's! My car was parked sort of funny the next morning and Wendy's cups and wrappers were in the kitchen!!! The children were REALLY nervous about this event! I told them I will have to start hiding my keys!! They couldn't believe the elves had gone to Wendy's!!
  • My husband is a dentist and he brought home some dental floss and oh my, do the elves ever LOVE to do mischief with dental floss! They were wrapped up in it and it was all over their bedposts! We love our elves!
  • elf fishingMy son loves fishing! When he came downstairs this morning, he found his elf had taken a straw, a rubber band, and a paper clip to make a fishing rod. His elf was sitting on an upside down bowl, fishing for our pet gold fish!!
  • Every year the elves bring my twin girls matching Christmas sweaters! But last year the elves got my needles and yarn and knitted 2 matching Christmas sweaters. The elves were sitting on the end of the bed with their knitting needles, leftover yarn, and new sweaters. The girls LOVE their Special sweaters and now they want to learn to knit too!
  • We got snow early last year and our elves arrived outside (much to my son's surprise!). His elf had made the cutest miniature snowman! He found it as we went to school the next morning. He was thrilled when he saw his elf had arrived without even begging!!!
  • I bought a composition book from Wal-Mart. The kids and I decorated the cover with Christmas wrapping paper and now use it for the children to correspond with their elf! It is great because they jump up every morning and head straight for the journal to see what their elf has to say! They will treasure this book forever and will love it as the Elves are such a special memory!!!
  • My daughter just fell in love with her elf, Marlie. One night, Marlie got a bag of cotton balls from my cupboard and set up my daughters' Barbie's in her room while she was sleeping, and they all had a snow ball fight. There were cotton balls everywhere!! Then she took my digital camera and my at-home picture mate printer. She printed out the pictures of the fun she had with the Barbie's. Before heading back to the kitchen counter where she ate more crackers and Oreo cookies because she was so hungry from getting into trouble all night!! My daughter thought that was so funny. Well, until she had to clean up all the snowballs!
  • We left out the crackers and water and then the fun began (for me)! So far, our elf, Gilly, has destroyed the perfectly set up police station and unrolled the toilet paper from the bathroom to the living room... Gilly was found tied up in dental floss, fallen over into the bathroom cup! Mrs. Claus told Trey that the elf is his responsibility and that if he makes messes, then he will have to clean them up (with my help, sometimes!) and so far, he's cleaned up every mess and hasn't even given the first whimper! He loves to wake up and see what Gilly has done!
  • We moved from Atlanta and Wesleyan about a year and a half ago. We miss our home and school so much but our elves finding their way to Colorado helped more than I can say. I just wanted you to know how special they have become to our daughters and what a wonderful addition they have made to our Christmas traditions. We told them that the love of Jesus is everywhere (even in Colorado) so when the elves showed up here they were better able to understand that concept more clearly.
  • MacKenzie received her two cousin elves a few days ago, and things haven't been the same around here since. Despite their propensity for mischief, we love the Elves and MacKenzie especially loves them. I've had to hide the keys to my car for fear the Elves might take it for a late night joyride to look at Christmas lights. Thanks!
  • My nine-year-old daughter Taylor, as well as half of her school, have become obsessed with their elves. My daughter misses Nadia very, very much, so Nadia sent her an email to say she was thinking of her and could not wait until next year to return. It was so exciting to get an email from Nadia@(ourCarrier).net
  • I cannot tell you how much fun my girls had with "Reynolds" and "Anna". My oldest daughter's birthday was last Sunday and the elves arrived in time for the "Cheerleading" party. They were dressed in cheerleading uniforms made of felt in our school colors with a big "MB" (made of felt) on the front!!! They even had green and gold pom-poms made of yarn. Santa said they could stay for a week! My girls were thrilled. They left a note assuring them that they would be back for Christmas!!!
  • Elf Mischief...One morning we couldn't find Collier and knew that he was in trouble somewhere. It was time to leave the house to go to school and the car was not in the drive way. We live in the country and have a large back yard. The car was in the backyard with Collier draped over the steering wheel. When we got in the car and started it, a Christmas music CD was in and playing LOUD! I also showed my son that the car was full on gas when I parked it the night before and now it was half empty. We still talk about where our elf could have gone during the night.

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