Elf Pets

Polar pets make perfect playmates!

Polar pets are the perfect pals for your Elf Magic Elf! Choose a Reindeer, Penguin, or Husky and get ready for cocoa kisses and holiday hugs.

  • Ho Ho Husky and Sleigh

    Ho Ho Husky and Sleigh

    Elf Magic Elves love to snuggle with their favorite four-legged friends! Includes plush Husky, dog bed, harness, and sleigh.

  • Santa's Polar Paws

    Santa's Polar Paws Polar Bears

    Santa's Elves love having these playful Polar Bears around. Includes both mama and baby plush polar bears.

  • Pom Pom the Penguin and Igloo

    Pom Pom the Penguin and Igloo

    Pom Pom Penguin will slip slide his way into even the iciest heart! Includes penguin with hat and scarf and Elf-sized igloo.

  • Magical Reindeer

    Magical Reindeer

    Ride the Christmas spirit with one of Santa-s softest sweeties! Includes plush reindeer and removable blanket.

  • Reindeer Round-up (Blankets & Halter)

    Reindeer Round-up Blankets & Halter

    Outfit your Elf Magic Reindeer with this 4-piece tack set. Includes saddle bag, blanket, harness, and hat.