5 Fall Activities You Don’t Want to Miss

kids in pumpkin patch

As the air turns cooler, there are plenty of activities pulling at your attention. Worse, many seasonal activities may escape your notice entirely! Before fall disappears and winter moves in, make sure you don’t miss out on these five great fall activities with your kids.

Visit a pumpkin patch.

There’s nothing better than letting your child pick their own pumpkin straight from the patch, especially when they’re little. Walk out into the farm, check out the pumpkins, and choose the one that’s the perfect shape and size. Most local churches have pumpkin patches in the fall, but if you’re looking for a more extravagant adventure, check out this list of cool pumpkin patches across the country.

Go for a hay ride.

Have you ever ridden on top of a wagon full of hay, listening to your child giggle? If not, it’s past time to make this a family experience. Choose a local farm or field and go for a hay ride. Be sure to take along some silly songs to sing together!

Check out a corn maze.

Have you ever thought that you could be lost and having a blast at the same time? Your local corn maze is a great opportunity to accomplish exactly that. When you have an hour or two to spend in the maze, get out with your family and enjoy an afternoon wandering through the stalks. The kids will love running through the maze, solving riddles, and guessing which way to go at every turn.

Go to a local festival.

Fall is the perfect time of year for your city to set out crafts, food, and inflatables outside. Search for your city’s website and check out the local festivals that will be in town this time of year. Whether you’re looking at what your local craftsmen have created or exploring a maze of inflatables with your kids, it’s sure to be an event to remember!

Check out the fall foliage.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a place where the seasons have a significant impact on the local trees, take advantage of it! Go for a drive or a walk with the kids and check out your fall foliage. Talk about the trees, explore the bright colors, and enjoy the experience together. Fall is also an excellent time for family pictures: it’s not too hot, so you won’t be sweating the entire time, but you’ll be sure to have them back in time for your Christmas cards.

There’s something about the fall season that makes it perfect for celebrating outdoors with your family. Make sure you add these five key fall activities to your list of things you’ll do with your little ones this fall. You’re making memories, and fall memories are magical.