Backyard Activities That Are Fun for The Whole Family

kids playing mini golf

Backyard activities are one of the best parts of summer. Why do we love them? Because it’s fun that brings the entire family together while staying close to home. We’ve made a list of our favorite things to do this summer that can include everyone! Even the little ones can pitch in to set up and clean up these projects.

1. Make A Tiny Town Garden

Gardening is fun when you design a tiny town. And it’s really easy to do:

  • Choose an area in your backyard for the garden.
  • Use plastic and ceramic buildings from train models and Christmas displays to form your tiny town. Alternatively, you may want to purchase fairy and Elf houses from craft and garden stores.
  • Use flat stones and pebbles to create walking paths from one building to the other.
  • Glue together painted Popsicle sticks or toothpicks to form fences.
  • Have fun at your local greenhouse picking out flowers and plants. Make sure they won’t grow taller than the buildings. Plant them around the pathways and buildings to form mini gardens.

2. Drive-In Movie Night

Yes, you can have a movie night in your own backyard!

Big cardboard boxes make excellent cars. A handy adult cuts the box down to size and then the kids create their own vehicle with poster paints, crayons, non-toxic markers, and duct tape. If you’re feeling adventurous, colorful paper plates become tires and the steering wheel. Mount the steering wheel onto an empty paper towel tube and attach it to the car.

Stretch an old bed sheet across a fence or between two poles. Prepare movie snacks of popcorn, candy, and your favorite beverage. Let everyone arrange their seats in front of the screen with cars in the front and chairs for adults in the back. Plug in the projector, distribute snacks, and watch your favorite movie!

3. Mini Golf

All you need to make a backyard mini golf course is in your house, basement, toy box, or garage. Look around. Turn anything you see into a golf obstacle! Here are our favorite ideas:

  • Turn used books with the spine up and open in the middle to form a tunnel. Paper towel tubes also make great tunnels.
  • Fill an aluminum pan with water to make a water trap. Place a flat piece of wood on the rim to form a ramp.
  • Use cereal boxes to make a castle. Don’t forget to cut out a hole in the front and back for the ball to pass through.

Gather up those small balls that have been collecting dust and use old croquet sticks for putters. If you don’t have croquet sticks use sticks, broom handles, or PVC pipes with different colors of duct tape for each player.

Not only are these warm weather activities cheap, easy, and entertaining, but their set-up and clean-up will have the whole family working as a team.