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What to do When Your Elves Return to the North Pole

  Unfortunately, all the Elves pack up and head to the North Pole for Christmas. They help Santa deliver the presents on Christmas Eve and then head back home to start work for the next year. While you may miss your Elf after they leave, it’s good to know they are doing big things up … Continued

Christmas Eve Traditions: Saying Goodbye to Your Elf

Christmas Eve is one of the most exciting days of the year! Santa is coming, and presents are under the tree. But it can also be a tough day when your Elf has to return to the North Pole. This year, make a tradition to send off your Elf in style to make saying goodbye … Continued

5 Tricky Questions About Your Elf, Answered

  You have lots of questions about your Elf, and unfortunately, Santa doesn’t have time to write back to everybody. He’s busy getting ready for Christmas! So we let a few Elves answer your commonly-asked elf questions: 1. Why hasn’t my Elf arrived yet? All Elves have different jobs at the North Pole, and some … Continued

What is Your Elf’s Job at the North Pole?

Is your Elf a baker, a toy maker or a decorator? Here are a few clues to help you discover what your Elf’s job is at the North Pole. Analyze what they do at night and it might give you a hint as to what they do at the all year long. Does your Elf love … Continued

A Fun Welcome Back Breakfast for Your Elf

Excitement is building at the North Pole. It’s almost time for the Elf Magic Elves to return to spread some Christmas cheer! Your Elf’s arrival heralds the start of a magic holiday season filled with adventures. Kick off the festivities with a warm welcome home. There is no better way to greet your much-loved Elf … Continued

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Home is Elf Ready

The holidays are fast approaching, and your Elf will be home sooner than you think. The Elves have been preparing for a while and now and you can too. Here are a few tips to make sure your home is welcoming and happy for your Elf after a long trip from the North Pole. Make … Continued

Advent with Your Elf

Creative Advent calendars for kids seem to be becoming more and more popular. From treasure boxes to Lego Advent calendars, people and brands are getting more and more creative as they prepare for Christmas. This year, ask your Elf to help out in the festivities. Here are three ways Elves can help count down the days … Continued

Create an Elf Magic Ornament

Hand-made presents are the best kinds of gifts, and the same goes for ornaments. Hand-made decorations are the ones that add the most character to your tree – the ones that will be special to you years down the road. Add your favorite holiday friends to your Christmas tree this holiday season with this hand-made Christmas … Continued

3 Fun Recipes Straight from the North Pole

As the Christmas season draws near, we wanted to share these simple and fun recipes straight from Santa’s kitchen to yours. Each recipe is wonderfully delicious, and they only take a couple minutes to prepare from start to finish. Strawberry Santas Strawberry Santas are super fun to make and even more fun to eat, but they … Continued

Which Elf Are You?

All Elf Magic Elves have different personalities. Some are sneaky and some are sweet, some are adventurous and others like to sleep! Are you more of a Sweet Sally or a Prankster Pete? Take the quiz to find out! Simply answer the questions and follow the line of your answer that leads to the next … Continued

Giving Cheerfully With Kids During Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner. Is your advent calendar out, so you can keep track of the days by offering nightly sweet treats? If you’re creative, did you make an advent calendar yourself and fill it with nightly Christmastime activities? Either way, you’ve probably noticed that time is going by quickly (although if you … Continued

Creative Gingerbread House Ideas

Gingerbread houses are a great Christmas tradition. Some of you may have participated in gingerbread-house-making competitions, and many of you probably make it a point to craft gingerbread houses every year at Christmas. But is it the same thing year after year? Are you tired of the same old candy and the same old gingerbread-house … Continued