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Halloween Costumes for Kids Who Just Can’t Wait for Christmas

Some kids just can’t wait to get into the Christmas spirit until after Thanksgiving. If you have one of these kids, we have the answer for how to add a little Christmas magic into your Halloween. Christmas-themed Halloween costumes are a unique and fun way to get the pre-Christmas jitters out. These costumes also have the … Continued

Spooky Kid-Friendly Halloween Treats

Go beyond the typical candy bowl at your Halloween party this year. Whether you’re having a spooky Halloween party or just want to celebrate the seasons with some snacks, you and the kids can make and share some great ghoulish treats. Mummy Dogs Your kids will love this easy and fun recipe. Wrap refrigerated bread stick … Continued

Create an Elf Magic Ornament

Hand-made presents are the best kinds of gifts, and the same goes for ornaments. Hand-made decorations are the ones that add the most character to your tree – the ones that will be special to you years down the road. Add your favorite holiday friends to your Christmas tree this holiday season with this hand-made Christmas … Continued

5 Fall Activities You Don’t Want to Miss

As the air turns cooler, there are plenty of activities pulling at your attention. Worse, many seasonal activities may escape your notice entirely! Before fall disappears and winter moves in, make sure you don’t miss out on these five great fall activities with your kids. Visit a pumpkin patch. There’s nothing better than letting your child pick … Continued

North Pole Magic: 4 Ways to Make the School Year More Magical

The first day isn’t the only time that kids can feel anxious about heading back to class. Thankfully, our Elves have been specially trained to deal with just that. From little sprinkles of magic to thoughtful tips, here are 4 North Pole approved ways to help your little one feel more at ease about a … Continued

Create a Jersey for your Elf!

If your family loves football, why not include your Elf in the action? Follow these steps to give your Elf a jersey and include him on the team. *This project may require parental supervision. What you’ll need: Scissors Markers or crayons Tape Jersey pattern How to: Download the activity below. Color the jersey in with … Continued

Pumpkin Bowling and Other Fun Fall Activities

September is here and fall is just around the corner. The holidays are beginning – our toes on the starting line for the race toward Christmas. Families looking to enjoy crisp fall days inside or out should consider these fall activities. Pumpkin bowling This unique sport requires a slight or moderate hillside, a few empty buckets … Continued

Fall Sensory Activities for Kids

The arrival of fall brings a great opportunity for plenty of sensory play for little ones. This is a great way to encourage fine motor skill development, encourage your child to develop awareness of all sorts of textures, and convince them to step outside of their comfort zone. However, these fall activities aren’t just for little … Continued

5 Ways to Keep Kids Busy During Football Games this Fall

Though some kids love football, small children are often not able to sit still to watch the whole game. They are more likely to wonder in and out of the TV room to chat about their day. But to us, the game is important. So how do we balance game days with kids? Keep the kids … Continued

3 Fun Recipes Straight from the North Pole

As the Christmas season draws near, we wanted to share these simple and fun recipes straight from Santa’s kitchen to yours. Each recipe is wonderfully delicious, and they only take a couple minutes to prepare from start to finish. Strawberry Santas Strawberry Santas are super fun to make and even more fun to eat, but they … Continued

Which Elf Are You?

All Elf Magic Elves have different personalities. Some are sneaky and some are sweet, some are adventurous and others like to sleep! Are you more of a Sweet Sally or a Prankster Pete? Take the quiz to find out! Simply answer the questions and follow the line of your answer that leads to the next … Continued

Weekend Rainy Weather Activities

Although waiting out the rainstorms inside may prove challenging for the kids, there are a number of easy rainy weather activities that actually involve using rain to have a good time. Activities such as the “rainstorm in a cup” and the “rain tube” are not only fun, but can also be educational for children. Rainstorm in … Continued