Dear Santa Letter

Elf Party Ideas

A great activity for an Elf Party is having the children write their wish list for Santa on this adorable Elf Magic stationery. Santa also enjoys receiving a letter requesting a visit for an Elf Magic Elves to visit you over the holidays.

Of course, before you have an Elf Party, you need an Elf of your own! Meet the Elf Magic Elves!


  • Copier Paper
  • Color Printer
  • Pencil or Pen
  • Envelope (optional)


  1. Depending on the child’s age a parent may need to be present.
  2. Download and print the Santa Letter.
  3. When writing your letter to Santa, be sure and use your manners and thank Santa and the Elves for all the gifts you received last Christmas. List the toys you would like to receive this Christmas and wish him and the Elves a Merry Christmas. Be sure and sign your name!
  4. When writing your letter to Santa and requesting an Elf Magic Elf, be sure and be polite and let Santa know that you will take good care of the Elf while they are visiting your house. Santa always knows exactly the Elf to send to help make your Christmas a memorable one!