Elf Magic Elf Door*

Fun + Games

(*This activity requires adult supervision.)

Welcome your Elf Magic Elves home with an Elf size door! When stepping through this miniature door, your Elf will make a grand entrance into a world of play. Pick a special spot to place your Elf size door – somewhere quiet or somewhere secret. The Elf Magic Elf door can be left up all year round for surprise Elf visits.

Of course… what good is an Elf Door without an Elf? Meet the Elf Magic Elves!

Elf Magic Girl


  • color printer
  • scissors
  • Vinyl printable sheets found at your local craft store or heavy cardstock
  • If cardstock is used, sticky-tac or other non-damaging adhesive needs to be used


  1. Download and print the door on a vinyl sheet or cardstock.
  2. Using scissors, cut the door out of the vinyl sheet or cardstock.
  3. If using a vinyl printable sheet, remove backing and place on wall. If using cardstock adhere to wall with sticky-tac or other non-damaging adhesive.