How Would You Look As An Elf Magic Elf?*

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(*This activity requires adult supervision.)

Have you ever wondered what you or a family member would look like as an Elf Magic Elf? Download these cute templates and Elf yourself! This template can also be used as a Christmas ornament, that would be one of those great presents for nurses in case mom is a nurse, or for any other member of the family no matter the profession.

Of course… you can click here to see what a Real Elf Looks like.  Meet the Elf Magic Elves!

Elf Magic Girl


  • A picture of each face
  • The head needs to be approximately 4" x 6" (150 zoom)
  • Heavy white card stock and a printer
  • Red, green, and yellow crayons or markers
  • *Scissors (Adult supervision is essential)
  • Glue Stick
  • Hole punch and ribbon if making an ornament


  1. Print boy Elf body and/or girl Elf body and hat template(s) on heavy white card stock.
  2. Color the Elves clothing and hats with green, red and yellow crayons
  3. Cut out the hats, elf bodies and photo faces.
  4. Arrange the Elf and glue together.
  5. To make a Christmas ornament, punch a hole in the top of the hat, pull some ribbon through and tie.