Penguin Cupcakes

Elf Party Ideas

Pom Pom Penguin has been invited to become a part of the Elf Magic family. Mrs. Clause has created this penguin cupcake in honor of him. Everyone loves a cupcake!

To welcome Pom Pom into your family, click here: Meet the Elf Magic Polar Pets!

Shopping List:

  • Oreos or generic chocolate sandwich cookies
  • Easy- store bought bakery cupcakes – topped with white icing
  • Moderate- homemade cupcakes – topped with white icing
  • Orange starburst cut and flattened into triangles
  • Candy eyes treat toppers , can be found in any craft store with the baking supplies
  • Patience


  1. Start by separating several cookies and scraping off the icing into a pile. This will be used to help secure the eyes.
  2. FACE & EYES - Separate a cookie and using the iced part of the cookie place additional icing where the eyes will be placed. Place the eyes on top of additional mound of icing and secure.
  3. NOSE - Place a small mound of additional icing where the starburst nose will be placed. Add the nose and secure it in place.
  4. WINGS - The easiest way to make the wings and minimize the mess is to break a whole cookie in half then break again. You will have four sandwich pieces. Now separate each small sandwich piece and scrape the icing away. You now should have eight small wings. Insert a wing on each side.
  5. Indulge and eat all the left over cookie icing!!