5 Tricky Questions About Your Elf, Answered

 questions for your elf

You have lots of questions about your Elf, and unfortunately, Santa doesn’t have time to write back to everybody. He’s busy getting ready for Christmas! So we let a few Elves answer your commonly-asked elf questions:

1. Why hasn’t my Elf arrived yet?

All Elves have different jobs at the North Pole, and some require a little extra time to wrap up and prepare for Christmas. The Elves have to finish their jobs before they are allowed to come visit, because what would Christmas be like with unfinished toys??

2. My friend isn’t allowed to touch or play with their Elf because they say the Elf will lose his magic. Is that true with my Elf Magic Elf?

Nope! You are allowed to love, hug, cuddle, dress and play with your Elf all you want. Elf Magic Elves love playtime and are there to share kindness and fun and playtime with everyone.

3. Why does my Elf have to fly back on Christmas Eve?

There are lots of stops that need to be made on Santa’s Christmas Eve flight around the world. He couldn’t make the trip alone! He needs his little helpers to sort the presents, navigate, and feed the reindeer. That’s why he gathers them all on Christmas Eve.

4. Why isn’t my Elf moving?

All Elves have different activity levels. Some are hyperactive and mischievous, while others are laid back and just want to cuddle and spend time with you. Some Elves work so hard at the North Pole, that they treat your visit like a vacation. Don’t worry if he or she isn’t active, they’re still just as magical!

5. Can my Elf visit me throughout the year?

Absolutely! Elves are welcome to visit on big occasions, like birthdays, Easter, or other holidays. Sometimes they even pop in just to say hey! If you want your Elf to visit after Christmas, just write a letter to Santa asking for permission. If they aren’t too busy, he’s glad to send them down!