Help The Kids Make Room For Their New Christmas Gifts

make room new christmas gifts

Christmas time has come and gone, and now there’s work to do. With the recent sea of new Christmas gifts that the children received, there’s a lot of clutter around the house. There are some kids who love to give away toys with a gracious heart. Others love all their toys so much that it is hard for them to say goodbye. Here are some ways to help convince kids to donate their old toys this year:

1. Empower Them To Feel In Charge

Instead of telling the children they must give away their toys, bring up the idea in such a way that makes them feel like they thought of it themselves. Try asking it as:

  • “What do you think we should do with your old toys?”
  • “Some of these toys aren’t being loved anymore, do you think there is another kid somewhere who could love them?”

Many children love the feeling of making their own decisions. When it’s their own idea, they will be more likely to donate their things.

2. Help Out The Elves

Everyone knows that Elves work hard all year to make Christmas magical. Since the Elves and Santa were so generous, ask the kids if they could do the same. Tell a story about how the toys must go back to the North Pole so the Elves can make the toys new again for other kids. Bonus: you also teach the kids first-hand about the concepts of reuse and upcycling.

After the kids choose the toys that should go back to the North Pole, help them write a thank-you letter to send with the Elf, to personally thank Santa—and all the other cheerful Elves at the toy workshop.

3. Explain Why It Matters

Sensitively explain that not all kids get gifts for Christmas or birthdays, and that sometimes, adults work really hard but still can’t buy their children presents. Let the kids think about their decision to donate their toys, instead of making them decide in the moment.

4. Limit Toys To A Certain Area

If the kids don’t already have a toy box, try investing in one—or create a makeshift one—to fit in their room or play area. Start with an empty toy box and ask the kids to fill it with their favorite toys, with the understanding that toys which cannot fit in the box should be donated.

This is another way of giving kids the power to make their own decisions about their toys. If possible, let the kids pick out their own toy box, too. If they own it—and the whole process—they’ll be much happier about tidying up.

However you decide to discuss old-toy donation, always be sure to praise the kids for their good deed. Let them know that what they did was a kind act, and tell them that you are proud of them. Having an adult say these things will encourage the child to do the same in the future.