Marshmallow Play

The Elf Magic Elves have a real ‘soft’ spot for marshmallows. You can find the Elves toasting, throwing, eating even bathing in them. They can rarely be found without a marshmallow nearby, so keep a close eye on those sweet treats!

“My Elf doesn’t like “HOT” Chocolate. He likes “COLD” chocolate milk served in small Dixie cups with mini marshmallows. He wrote me a note and said he likes cold better than hot because it is soooooo cold at the North Pole the hot chocolate doesn’t stay hot and it burns his tongue. I’m so glad he likes chocolate milk because it is my favorite too, especially with marshmallows.”

Have hot chocolate but no Elf to share it with? Crazy! Fix that problem here: Meet the Elf Magic Elves!