New Elf Magic Preschool Learning Kit


Kids-with-banner-centeredWhat is the Preschool Learning Kit?
The Preschool Learning Kit is a free 6-week lesson kit for preschool classrooms. The kit teaches children how to create smiles among others by having good manners. Each week, the child will learn a different lesson like: Sharing, Saying Please & Thank You, and Comforting Others.

What’s the purpose of the kit?

Santa has tasked several Elves with the mission of creating more smiles around the world. One way these Elves are doing so is by teaching good manners. A group of Elves have created the Preschool Learning Kit to tell their stories how they learned to create smiles by having good manners.

What does the kit contain?
One Elf Magic Elf
6 lessons, each consisting of a story and three activities
15 Smile Tracker charts
100 Elf Magic stickers for the Smile Trackers
15 certificates

How does it work?

Each week, your classroom Elf gets to teach your class a lesson on how he learned to create more smiles. He has written a story on how he learned this good manner up at the North Pole. Pass the Elf around the classroom as you read his story to your students. When you are done reading his story, choose an activity or two to help the kids learn how to use this good manner. If you so choose, including a summary of these lessons in your classroom newsletter will be helpful for both the children and the parents to reinforce these lessons in the home.


If you are interested in making the Elf Magic Preschool Learning Kit a part of your classroom, or if you have any questions, fill out this form and we will contact you shortly.