Ho Ho Husky & Board Book Set


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Harness Christmas joy with an Elf Magic Husky! Elf Magic Elves love to snuggle with their favorite four-legged friends. These playful pups are ready to spread some furry holiday fun. Read along in the NEW board book all aboutHo Ho Husky and his journey to spread Christmas cheer!  

4-Piece Pet Set Includes:

  • Slate grey Husky (6″ x 3.5″) with snowy white markings, fluffy soft tail, shiny black nose, and ice blue eyes
  • Ho Ho Husky Board Book
  • Dog harness with sheepskin collar and leash with Velcro closure – wrap around your Elf’s wrist to walk the dog or slip through the sleigh and let him pull it!
  • Plaid dog bed (4.5″ x 5″) – doubles as a sleigh cushion
  • Old-fashioned Christmas sleigh (8.5″ x 4.75″) – chip board sleigh includes 3 pieces, assembly required