Jingle Belle Princess – Ball Gown


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Dressing your Elf is half the fun! Thoughtfully designed by the stylish Elves at the Elf School of Fashion and Design, this elegant set is perfect for the belle of the snow ball – your Elf will feel like a princess! Mix and match pieces with other outfits to create custom Elf couture! For 10-inch Magic Elves.

6-Piece Set Includes:

  • Light blue satin dress with sparkling tulle overlay and Velcro closure
  • Reversible faux fur/satin wrap with diamond closure
  • Dazzling silver bow headband/belt with Velcro closure
  • Silver slippers accented with silver bows
  • Silver strapped purse (to hold her dance card!)
  • Made from soft, poly/cotton blend fabrics