How to Spread Smiles Through Giving

children laughing

There is always a reason to smile, and there is always a way to spread smiles, too. Smiles are contagious, just like laughter!

Can you imagine if everywhere you went people were smiling at you? Your day would be better than any other just because of the smiles. Because smiles mean peace, a sense of welcome, and happiness, and all those things mean a better world. So, let’s talk about how we can put our smiles into practice.

How to spread smiles

A great way to create a smile is by giving! Think about your friends and your family. Think about your peers and your neighbors. Think about the cashier at the grocery store and the principal at school. Think about everyone around you. Think about something you can give them. Flowers are instant smile makers, even one single flower, but so are hugs and homemade cards, especially ones where you express gratitude. Mason jars filled with candies or pancake mix are also instant smile makers!

It’s not just about giving things. We encourage you, for one day, to do something kind for everyone you meet.

Ways to spread smiles

Open doors for people, wear a funny hat that will make people smile even if you forget to, hug everyone you know, do the dishes at your house without being asked, and whistle an upbeat tune while you do it (as long as whistling doesn’t annoy your family). Offer to wash your neighbor’s car or mow their lawn. Carry groceries for someone. Take dinner to a friend.

Carry a basket of individually wrapped candies, and hand them out to everyone you see. Tell them that you hope a little bit of sugar brings them joy. If you live in a neighborhood, set up a lemonade stand, but don’t charge for your lemonade. Instead, give it away for free with little umbrellas, and play some peppy music. Or, charge for the lemonade, but give all your earnings to a local charity, and make them smile when you deliver your donation.

Now, we hope you are inspired to go into the world and spread cheer! What are some other ideas of how you can spread smiles?