What’s On Your Family’s Summer Fun Checklist?

family fun

After the summer camps and family vacations this year, there will be days and weeks when it is up to you to provide your children with ideas for activities, fun, and learning. Are you wondering what to do when the kids get out of school? Create a summer fun checklist!

Think of it as a challenge: each family member comes up with ideas to include on the list, and the entire family must complete the checklist by the time school starts again. Explain to your little ones that a summer fun checklist consists of things you want to do but haven’t yet done. Smaller children may need some guidance in understanding what is possible and what is not.

Be sure to include things the whole family can do together, such as:

  • A picnic on a local beach
  • Hiking a nearby nature trail
  • Making and delivering dinner for a neighbor
  • Planting a family garden

Include one or two big-ticket plans, as your budget allows:

  • A vacation to Disney World®
  • Visit distant relatives
  • Redecorate a child’s bedroom

Be sure to list things kids can do on their own or with minimal supervision and assistance. Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

  • Make a fairy house for the garden
  • Plant pumpkins for a fall jack-o-lantern
  • Read a selected number of books
  • Have a sleepover with a best friend
  • Get a new haircut
  • Take a crafting class
  • Read a classic book aloud as a family
  • Keep a daily journal

This bucket list is your go-to for when boredom threatens. Once you collect all the ideas, record them on a large poster board. Display your family’s checklist in an area where everyone can see it. Mark items off when completed.

To make it even more fun, write down items checklist items on index cards and place them into a sand bucket. When the family is looking for something to do, have someone draw an item from the bucket.

Before school starts up as summer ends review your family bucket list and enjoy the memories! Search Elf Magic for more fun family activities.