Super Bowl Crafts & Activities For Kids

Super Bowl Crafts and Activities
“Fourth-and-1 from the 1-yard line!”

That’s the sound of your team a field goal behind with 15 seconds to go in the Super Bowl.

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for all season. You wait for it, poised on the edge of your seat. The ball snaps! And—the channel changes to your daughter’s favorite princess cartoon.

Sound scary? Don’t let it happen to you. Here are three simple and entertaining Super Bowl crafts and activity ideas that will make sure everyone has a good time this Super Bowl:

1. Make Valentines

This year, the big game is happening the first weekend in February, which means that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Break out the construction paper, markers, glue, and any other fun craft materials you’ve been saving throughout the year. Make sure to do any cutting beforehand, so the kids can work independently for most of the activity. For some Elf inspired Valentines, check out these. Be sure to set up the craft table close to where everyone is congregating so that the kids feel they are a part of the festivities, too.

2. Play Super Bowl Bingo

Making your own bingo sheet is easy and fun. If you don’t want to make one from scratch, there are many templates online. On your bingo sheet, include items or events that kids will see and hear throughout the game and commercial breaks. You can even play along, too! Once the kids are included in the football game, they may even appreciate it!

3. Play “Close Up”

This works best if you have several children watching the game with you. Print off two generic football player templates that they are able to color from any website (two of the same picture for each kid). During the first half, have your kids color in their player using colors from their favorite team. Next, have them choose one of the player’s numbers. Try to guide them toward one of the popular players who will get some face time on camera (quarterbacks are a great choice). Then, staple both of the colored pictures together, leaving the top open. It creates a little football-player envelope. As the kids watch the game, any time their player’s face appears on screen, that kid receives a bean or a small token of some sort, which she places in her envelope. At the end of the game, whoever has the most beans or tokens in her envelope wins a prize.

4. Paper Football Tournament

Before the game, teach your kids how to make a paper football or have a few pre-made and ready to go. During the game, have a paper football tournament with all the kids at the party (and some of the adults too, if they aren’t totally into the game). You can even make it a two-on-two or a three-on-three paper football game, depending on how many people you have around.

5. Check out the Elf Magic store

The Elf Magic website has tons of books, toys, and activity suggestions that kids love. Check it out before the game starts and find something the kids would appreciate as a special surprise. The Elf Magic Coloring Sheets and the Snowboard and Skis are popular options. Be sure that their Elf makes it back from the North Pole to join the kids in all the games and fun!

The Super Bowl may not be as exciting as Christmas to kids, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help them have fun along with the rest of the party. Take the opportunity to share with the kids what you enjoy about the game and they may start to appreciate it too!